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Vaastu Tips for Career

Vaastu Shastra is a science which helps in many ways to enhance your luck, prosperity and happiness. A house built with correct Vaastu principles can bring prosperity and happiness in life of inmates and can also improves the career while incorrect Vastu gives stressful life and stagnation in career.

Good or Vaastu dosh (defect) free house promotes good opportunities and luck if we use some basic Vaastu tips for Career while constructing the house and office as well.

If the East, Northeast and North directions are blocked in your house or office, that leads to Career stagnation or Job problems.

Here are some Vaastu tips for Career.  A student or working professional should adhere to Vaastu principles to get success in life without obstacle. 

  • Put a mirror on North wall facing south, whereas never place mirror on West or South wall, which could reflect back the prosperity. We suggest to read more on Mirror here
  • Face North or East while working in office or at house.
  • Keep a crystal tree on your worktable for better cash inflow.
  • Always use square or rectangular shape office desk for better results.
  • Avoid location of worktable under beam, as that could make you stressful.
  • Keep a portrait of big mountains on your backside wall which protects from enemies and work as remedy for Vastu dosh.
  • The maximum openings should be in North or East direction.Put a water fountain on your work table in northeast corner of your workplace
  • Always keep the window glasses shining. 
  • By placing a Water pictures on your back can leads to Unstable Career.
  • Put a water fountain on your work table in northeast corner of your workplace.
  • If you want timely promotion then you must have bedroom in southwest direction of the house.
  • Keep a conch in Puja room of your house.
  • Placing a portrait of God Ganesha on main entrance door will increase the positivity in the house.
  • Keep fresh flower in east direction of your workplace.
  • Work place or office in your residential house should not be positioned next to bedroom. 
  • High back chairs are favorable for professionals.
  • Avoid sitting with your back to the entrance door.
  • Wooden desk are best preferred in workplace, while glass top-tables can be preferred in west direction.

By following these simple and easy to implement vaastu tips for career one can easily get a boost in career, We suggest that you try these as many as possible to get better result. Do let us know about your experience.

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