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Vaastu Shastra for Office

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science used to build a structures and designing their interior. Likewise there is Vaastu principles to Construct and run an office as well. Make better use of these Vastu tips for office and make your workplace or Office more Vaastu friendly to get more returns (ROI)

Any office or workplace is principally constructed to get all over success with good earning to acquire profit and thereby maintain controlling staff properly. Vaastu friendly office provides success in business and everything in positive way, keeps the wealth flow in good position.

While looking for Vaastu Shastra for Office, make sure that the interior in the office is ideal and exactly how it should be. That creates the environment perfect and makes the people use their skills at optimum level. This increases the productivity in any office.

No obstacles:  there should not be any obstacle in front of, or nearby to the main door of the office.

Keep the centre empty: The centre space in any office or work space should extremely be empty. If someone is working within that cubicle, then by draw a circle at the centre of the work station and don’t really use to have any objects within that circle.

Reception: Northeast area is the most preferable direction to design the reception in any office. The receptionist should always face either the East or North direction which generates new chances as well.

Water bodies: always place the water bodies in the North East or Eastern region. Fish in the water or an aquarium can really helps in strengthening the Vaastu of office. You can place an aquarium with 1 blackfish and 9 goldfish for good results.

Executives sitting: The top level functionaries or executives should always be sited in the West or Southwest region of the office. These adhere to office with good Vaastu.

According to office Vastu Shastra the owner or MD should have a rectangular table don’t have odd shape table.

All important documents and papers should be stored in safes and cupboards that placed in the Southwest direction. Put side tables and gadgets in Southwest corner.

The middle management employees are positioned in Eastern and northern directions. The field staff should be sited in the Northwest. The staff while working should face North or the East direction.

According to office Vaastu, the accounts department should ideally be located in the Southeastern direction. Southeast attracts prosperity and more returns (Financial Flow)

Marketing department: ideal place for marketing department should be the Northwest direction of the office. Processed articles should be kept here to move them in market for early disposal.

For Working Staff: avoid chairs or seating arrangement for any employee under the beam. If this is unavoidable, cover the beams with a false ceiling. For pantry and lunch rooms the Southeast and Northwest are Ideal in the office. Toilets should be ideally located in the Northwest and South direction in the office.

Using right colors: According to Vastu Shastra using of Color Schemes like white, grey and sky blue or creams’ will put on positive energy. Certain colors can help a person feel better and cheer up as well.

The office must never to be built close to or nearby to Graveyard, Hospital, Temple or Prayer place. Locate temple or worship place (if any) in the Northeast direction of the office.

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