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Vaastu Financial Tips

Wealth, Financial situation is the major source of living for human being and shortage in financial position causes endless problems to us. As per Vaastu Shastra principles any wrong placement in the financial trends of the Vaastu can lead to losses Thus Vastu have some basic logical rules that eventually also has mythical relation in placement of money at some proper direction in order to make Prosperity, and bring down the financial loss. Here we provide some simple Vaastu Financial tips to attract the Wealth and Prosperity.

Place a Lord Ganesha on main entrance door of the Vaastu.

Always place the live purple-colored plant in the Southeast direction of living room to attract wealth and Prosperity.

Ensure natural Sunlight is entering in the house because it’s important for financial consistency.

If toilet is placed next to the main entrance door, it creates debts. Because toilet represents waste and toilet water represents stagnancy, a toilet next to your home entrance represents flushing of your wealth. This location should be avoided as much you can.

Toilets with bathroom should never in the Northeast and Southeast as this is very severe Vaastu dosh or defect.

Keep a green-leafy plant in the Southeast direction of living room.

Most of us surprise why we don’t get positive results of our hard work. Let us see how Vaastu help us to getting better results to our efforts.

The structure of house can support to increase our financial condition. After minor alterations in the house people may get satisfied with the results to their efforts.

The North and North-east directions are beneficial for financial prosperity. East is the direction of name and celebrity. The north is the direction of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. North is the direction of finance, any blockage in North would bring obstacles in wealth and prosperity flow. However, if the block cannot be removed, place an aquarium or a small fountain in the North direction of the house which is a good Vaastu dosh remedy.

Ensure that other directions don’t possess any negative impact on finance and are constructed as per Vaastu principles.

Safes or Almarahs in your house should always open toward north or east i.e. they must face North or East directions. If  not that likely to effects in increased expenses. Positioning the almarah in the Southwest direction of the room and keeping the face towards north to enhance the cash flow.

Stagnant represents the financial loss, thus any form of stagnant water should not be inside the house. Water is supposed to be symbol of personal financial health; it should not be stagnant. Whereas moving water like fountains is considered nice source of helping in financial growth and prosperity.
Place fountain, a moving water source in Northeast to generate financial growth. Place an aquarium with nine gold fish with one black fish in the Northeast direction of the house to ensure a good income flow. Fish aquariums play a positive role in attracting wealth. It’s always better to keep aquariums at home for the smooth flowing of finances.

Underground water storage tank; bore-well or swimming pool is to be constructed in the North, North-East or East zones in the plot for good financial growth with consistency.

Colors like yellow, golden, blue, green and even white is thought to be lucky and attract the wealth.
A tabletop fountain in the living room attracts good luck and prosperity.

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