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Vaastu and Importance of Directions

As we are aware, there are total eight directions in Vaastu-Shastra North, South, East, and West, these are cardinal directions and the point where any two directions meets is called Sub-directions like Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest. Sub-directions have a lot of importance in Vastu Shastra since they combine the benefits of two directions entirety.

Vaastu-Shastra says if we worship, admire and honor the Lords of these eight directions, inmates can get never-ending blessings in the form of Success, health and Wealth. Here we mention their importance according to ancient text.
The Southwest zone or area in any office is related with the Earth element and drives financial support. A master bedroom in the House, Chairman’s or MD’s Cabin, Directors, and supervisors of a business unit are most effective in the Southwest area.
Through proper Vastu principles of this direction, financial support will come easily along with secure savings.

Having Toilet or heating element in Southwest, there will be hurdles in smooth cash flow and reduction in savings.
The Northwest area in the office is associated with the Air element. It influences the creation and communication. Bathrooms, conference rooms, accounting, and sales work persons are best suited in the Northwest.

Northwest area is balanced according to Vastu principles in any business organization there will be satisfied customers and clear communications; whereas defected Northwest leads to mistaken Accounting, Unhappy customers, and Confusion. The central area of any house or office is associated with the Space element. Space area or Brahmsthan is open or defect free; there will be smooth in-flow of business and career opportunities to the inmates.

Clutter, Toilet, kitchen in the Space or in the center of an environment, will limit the financial situation. Next important zone for money and opportunities is North. If North zone have pantry; Red or Pink colors in the office, you have to face problems in payment recovery.

You will not get new orders which are the back bone of any business.  Similar condition can happens if there is a blue color in Southeast zone. In certain research it has found that placing some green plants in North will gives miraculous results to alleviate from such situations.

Similarly, if there is waste products (especially, metals) lying down in East direction in office, factory, you will have to face problems with government departments, which is not a good thing for financial growth. Once you got office space programmed according to Vastu principles, you’ll get safe and fruitful financial in-flow in your business.

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