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Pregnancy and Vaastu Shastra

Apart from seeking a gynecologist’s opinion while trying to Conceive, some assured simple Vaastu Shastra tips can also be considered when getting pregnant.

Unmarried Girls should take Northwest room as the first option to get marriage. The ruling planet is “Moon” and Northwest is governed by the “Air” element and have the qualities to Move and transformation.

As a next option they can have Southeast room (“Fire” element and ruling planet “Venus”).
Keeping a Heena plant, fresh flowers and hanging wind doorbell can further improves the probability of getting early marriage.

According to Vaastu Shastra, a staircase exact in the center of the house [ Brahmasthan ] can create health problems to pregnant women, so ensure not to have the stairs in this center of the House.

Lighting a Red lamp [Bulb] in the “Fire Element Area” (Southeast direction) regularly is significant for good health especially for Pregnant Women’s.

Do the breathing exercise and Meditation sitting in the Northeast direction of your house facing East.

When you are trying to conceive or desires to getting pregnant then avoid any construction or renovation of your house. Never place painting of crying girl, violence and wild animal in your bedroom. 

Pregnant Women must reside in lively and fresh environment at every stages of pregnancy.  For that stuff, keep fresh flowers in every element of the house. If you anticipate of having a baby girl then decorate the Western direction with fresh flowers.

Normally, a lady’s basal body heat is higher during pregnancy. Thus, it is advised to the women to keep her away from and being too near of any heat generating gadget that emanates electrical or electro-magnetic energies (‘Fire/Agni’ element) like Television, Computer etc.

This way, she can prevent rising her internal temperature to a hazardous level without even being aware of that.

The fetus that on the rise has normally little more temperature than the mother’s and dissipates its heat across the placenta and through the mother’s blood stream. Fetal damage can happen if the mother or the fetus does come down quickly after the temperature of the core rises.

Certain Finnish (Finland) studies have revealed that increase of miscarriages in women is at high those using computers. Thus minimize the uses of a laptop or tablet during pregnancy.

Be aware of Laptops can give out a lot of heat, so putting Laptop on your tummy causes overheating and might harm the baby. So put a Laptop on table or on a cushion instead of keeping directly on your thighs.

The pregnant women should avoid the Southeast [Fire Element] direction of the building at-least for the first three months of pregnancy

Medical science tells us, by the end of the fourth month; near about all the major organs of the fetus are shaped.  The brain stem and the limbs are formed and start on to mature.  Most pre-natal damage causing of birth defects may occurs during this time.  This embryo-genesis period, can cause organ-specific damage.  However, process of brain improvement continues throughout the pregnancy period.

Because of this it is always better to keep a pregnant woman away from electro-magnetic frequencies during the months of pregnancy.

Pregnant Women must avoid sleeping with their heads to the East. Natural polarity of the body is maintained by keeping heads towards South and health both of mother and the fetus is well taken care of.

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