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North East Vaastu Dosha (Defects) and Remedies

North East direction in the house is a very auspicious, and is a source of constructive energy. This positive energy not only creates healthy vibrations but also ensures the prosperity of the people living that house. North east direction in Vaastu is highly surcharged with divine energies, and supposed to the place of Lord Shiva.

Thus heavy construction or having defected construction in the North east direction is prohibited or otherwise it creates the Vaastu Dosh. Vaastu dosh (defect)  in this direction may leads to overall failure or negative impact on individuals entire growth living in that house. We discuss some of common Vaastu dosh (defects) in Northeast  with their remedies. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill effects of that particular defect in that directions and enjoy the happy life.

Causes of Vaastu Dosh (Defect):

  • North East cut, Toilet in Northeast
  • Any tree, pole, high building shadow on this direction will create vaastu dosh (Defect).
  • Too many Heavy objects or Clutter in the North east
  • Northeast Cut / Toilet or Bath Room in Northeast
  • Kitchen in North east
  • Cut in the East and North east
  • Kitchen / Store room in the North east.

Problem :

  • Head related diseases like Migraine, Confusion everywhere
  • Confused Mind, Mental Disorders, Brain Hemorrhage
  • Marriage and childlessness problems / Divorce cases
  • No Sex Life,  Poverty, Loans
  • Problems related to Blood, Kidney, Eye disorders
  • Cut in Northeast gives tremendous financial problems to the occupant

North East Kitchen Remedies:

  • Installing a Siddha Vaastu kalash in Northeast  will reduce the defect
  • Worship Lord Shiva regularly to get the positive results
  • Clean the NE Corner and make a slope of the building in Northeast direction
  • Place a Plain Mirror on the North East Wall with Size of  18″ X 18 ” at the center at Eye Level.
  • Keep a Pyramid in North east direction
  • Paint the Kitchen with Lemon Yellow color

North East Toilet Remedies:

  • Spider Plant Absorbs energy • Keep a Plant which absorbs energy.(e.g. Spider Plant)
  • Keep a bowl of Sea Salt in Toilet change it weekly.
  • Keep  Air freshener in NE direction.
    Northeast Over Hand Tank


  • Just  paint  the cover of  tank with  Red color.
  • Place 4 Pyramids in North east corner inside the soil.

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