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Workplace Vaastu and Growth

According to Vaastu Shaastra, which is based on Vedic truths or Five elements of Nature, we can improve Job prospects and achieve financial prosperity using Vaastu principles. The concept of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala is applicable at residential houses along with workplace also.

People whose careers are on the barriers or skids are seeking job-related advice from Vaastu Experts. A growing number of recession-victim professionals believe that these Vaastu experts will able to help them in overcoming the fiscal slowdown which has beat most business houses. Just follow these simple Vaastu tips to become a successful entrepreneur at whatsoever work you are pursuing.

When You are Down 

If you are at career stagnancy are facing problems at Workplace, then simply keep one lighting bulb near main door of your Workplace all over the Night. Definitely this will make things brighter at your workplace.

Light is creative energy, which speeds up the life of an individual.  Think about the Diwali, festival, along with cheerful decorations; we try to make everything precise to welcome happiness with health and prosperity into our houses with sparkling lightnings.

Windows Attract Opportunities

Clean glass windows can do many things for Balance sheet of the Organization, whereas dirty glass imbalances the BS and restricts capital inflow. To activate positive energy in the workplace one can hang up crystals in the window.

When the sunlight hits these crystals, they create the most marvelous rainbows. So, choose a window for getting direct sunlight and to open up huge number openings for a smooth career growth.

Entrance and Corridor

Vaastu Shaastra says the entrance of the office should have in the last part of a long corridor which provides positive energy in that Office. However, if the flow of energy through the passage is very strong that could make you Tempted in taking financial decision. Placing a Plant in the middle of passage can soften this.

Doorway to Success  The front Door way must be unique, attractive and well finished so as to attract the wealth.

That also gives stability and promises for better business. Old and shabby [dirty] doors and which do not open freely are not considered as fine for your Workplace or Business.

The entrance should have a calming fragrance. This effect can be strengthened with gentle background music. Clutter, sewage, waste material even useless furniture at the doorway will not only keep away customers, friends but profit also.

Ideally door should have a different color from the adjoining walls. Door way should face North or East to have best results. Ensure there is no obstruction around the doorway. Placing statue of God Ganesh will promote positive energy, and reduces work tension, helps to keep away obstacles, and brings in customers to visit again and again.

Failure to Success

Vaastu has the power to turn about from failing business into a successful venture. One should place decorative boulders [rock, which typically has been shaped in smooth by erosion] or pebbles at the side of the main entrance of the office. This will increase the progress in financial energy.

Seating Arrangement

For a victorious job or business, one should never sit directly under a beam. For that if require, shift your work desk also. This applies to all office arrangements also. Placing of electronic equipment in Southeast direction of that room is preferable.

Fish Aquarium

Fish  aquariums are magnificent wealth creators. Ensure to keep the water clean and aerated along with choosing the lively, energetic and healthy fish, which are strong swimmers since their steady movement keeps wealth energy flowing into your life. Additionally, nice-looking aquarium will give up a soothing effect on your chief who will become favorably towards you.

Avoid Direct Sun-rays Although the sun’s rays provide plenty of light, they also bring the heat energy which may be harmful so avoid too much sunlight in your workplace or in the Office. This can have a toxic effect on your work efficiency and make you lethargic. If your business places have a choice, then avoid West facing rooms.


Vaastu Shaastra does not struggle the downturn, it can certainly provide guidance to improve their career graph and financial position.

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