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Wealth in Vaastu

Having associated with wealth, Lord Kuber (Treasurer of the Gods), supposed to be the god of happiness, wealth, and prosperity, has a great importance in Vaastu Shastra, the antique Indian science of construction. According to Vaastu principles by worshiping the deity presiding in each direction of house, we can create positive space energy to attract the flow of wealth in the house.
  1. Lightning North
    Since Kuber is the presiding deity of the North direction, it is vital to light up this direction in the house. The enlightenment of North direction should be more in strength compared to South and West directions.
  2. Lord of the East
    Though the North direction is required to be most vibrantly illuminated, it’s also useful to have brightness in the East direction as well.
  3. The king of Gods Indra is the ruling god of East direction; and who is also considered as the source of all prosperity, wealth and material gains. God Indra is the great Patron and giver, thus lighting up the East, we may ensure wealth and prosperity from both the North and East directions.
  4. Clocks and Taps
    There should not be any clock or watch that are not in working in any part of the house. A standstill clock signifies the stoppage of cash inflow. Also there should not be leaking taps in the house as that signifies drainage of wealth from that house. Hence if there is any leaky taps or stopped clocks replace them or repair immediately.
  5. Temple for Good Fortune 
    Having temple [ Puja Place] in the North-East direction of the house or office will make sure to receive the good income. Ensure that the temple has the pictures or Idols of Goddess Lakshmi in sitting position. According to Vastu rules this will ensure endless creation of wealth and prosperity in the house or office.
  6. Storing of Valuables
    Vaastu Shastra says, money and other valuables if kept in a cupboard which is in the North or East direction of the house, there will be abundance of prosperity in that house. Both God Indra and Kuber, are the ruler of the East and North direction respectively, are believed to grant wealth and prosperity to the inmates.
  7. Doors and Windows
    Windows are the opening for bring in positive energy. So keep windows open as much you can, they bring in fresh air – which signifies smooth flow of wealth in the house. However unlike of windows, maintain the main door closed for most of the time. An opened main door can leads to outflow of the money.
  8. Hidden Tools
    All cleaning tools like Vacuum cleaner, Brooms, Sponge, Wipes must be kept in a luggage compartment and should not be visible from outside. Cleaning tool represents sweeping of objects from the house. These are essential but according to Vaastu Shastra, they will sweep out the wealth from the house as well, if left exposed.
  9. For Better Sales
    You are a retail shop or showroom owner then Cashier in your showroom should face the North direction. Place the cash drawer on the South or West wall. Stick mirror in the cash box or drawer and Keep only cash in the cash lockers, avoid placing of unnecessary papers or other things in Cash locker. Sharp lighting can creates heat energy in Shop or Showroom and lets the client to decide quick deal. Multiple and colorful successive running lights also create good vastu environment in the shop. 

    Following these Vastu principles properly, one can lead plenty of wealth, by way of the ruling deities of the different directions. So move forward, worship with silent prayer to divine powers to make your house full with Happiness.

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