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Vastu Tips for Study table to Get Success in Studies

Now days in each and every house, study table is a vital part either in children’s room or having a separate study room. Wherever the study tables you place, ensure that it complies with Vastu rules to get the best results for their efforts in studies.

Vastu tips to get success in studies, if followed properly the benefits will be at high gratifying, on the other hand, if you don’t follow the Vastu rules, then the efforts one puts in studies will get washed out and results will be at average
Young children are always filled with energy, so plan your child’s study room so that it enhances their energy in a positive way.

Arrange your child’s study room tidy and clean, because an untidy room emits negative energy, which affects the concentration of child during their study. A neat, clean, and tidy environment enhances the concentration of children in their studies.

Vastu Tips for Study table to Get Success in Studies

Concentration plays key role in studies, without concentration one cannot focus, understand and recollect easily whatever one study. So choosing and placing a study table as per Vastu rules ensures the concentration of students that keep in intact for long durations which in turn enhances the understanding ability, memory retention power and increases interest in studies.

Here are some of the important Vastu Tips for Study table using which child should performs much better in their studies.

  • Always make the study table is square or rectangle in shape. Square is better.
  • In rectangular shape keep the length and width in a proportion of 1:2
  • At the most use the best quality wood for study table.
  • Face East or North while studying. It is believed that East, North, and Northeast directions are full of positive energy
  • Keep the study table at least 6 inches away from wall.
  • An open space in front of the student will attract new ideas come in to mind.
  • Hang some inspiring posters or thoughts on the wall in front of study table
  • Keep a table lamp in the Southeast portion of study table is a good idea.
  • Always keep the study table clutter free and clean it regularly.

Avoid this

  • There should not be a Beam on study table
  • Study tables should not be embedded with glass.
  • Avoid facing blank wall while studying.

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