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In the today’s era of financial stress, competition and strain full life, everyone needs a place to refresh. Qualities of with inner strength, calmness and positive energy can extremely help in fighting with the challenges in the world.
Our house, which is our shelter, can help us in regenerating with positive energy and the principles of Vaastu shastra can give us actionable objects using which we can bring positive energy in our houses

Here are some Vaastu tips using which we can easily attract positive energy in the House.

  • If you have any heavy object in-front of the entrance door, remove it.
  • If the kitchen is in Northeast direction, shift it to Southeast. Stove or gas in North direction, will increases unwanted expenditure
  • If there is any heavy material or things in Northeast, East, or North, immediately shift them to Southwest direction.
  • Keep light items in Northeast Direction.
  • Always sleep head towards South while sleeping.
  • If there is bed under the beam, it is better to remove the bed from there.
  • Never use and used material from the old houses in your newly constructing house building.
  • There should not be any pillar, well in front of the entrance door.
  • If there you feel lethargic in drawing-room, use perfumed air fresheners.
  • Never sleep under beam or steps.
  • There should not be Worship place under the stairs.
  • The wash room door and kitchen should not face each other.
  • Washroom (Toilet) in Northeast direction or beneath stairs are not recommended at any cost, because they will affect the health and wealth of inmates.
  • There is a big tree or somewhat which resist Sun rays from entering the House, make it so that the shadow should not fall on your house.
  • Never keep any broken glass or glass items in house and avoid using them
  • Do not keep a vast collection of unused stuff so long period in the house.
  • To have Emerging positive and good relationship, use some crystals in drawing room.
  • Avoid making a worship place in the bedroom.
  • Electronic or any entertainment material should be in Southeast, West or Northwest corner of the house.

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