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Vaastu Tips

Vastu Shastra unifies the Science and Astrology; it is an ancient spiritual science for designing and building a house. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives superior and will prevent from things going wrong.

Here are some simple Vaastu tips using which one can make their life really happy.

For Good Behavior
  • Southwest: Resting children in southwest direction can make them arrogant and unyielding.
  • The south-east: this direction is dominated by fire; living in this direction tends to make people assertive aggressive and female dominant.
  • North-west:  room is good for unmarried girls. And not well for small kids, because they won’t concentrate on studies and people living in Northwest will always on move. People associated with academics should spend more time in East to improve their knowledge.
For Furniture:
  • Avoid irregular shape furniture like circle, triangular or oval. Always prefer for rectangular or square shaped furniture.
  • Keeping 3 inches distance between furniture and wall allow flow of positive energy. Keep clutter free furniture always. Put the bed 3 inches away from the wall.
  • Doors in your house should be in even number like 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12; avoid 10 because it is ill-fated
For Business
  • Keep the entrance of the business from the North Side.
  • Keeping a water fountain in the North or North-East direction will increase prosperity.
  • The owner of the business should sit in the South West direction of the company so avoid any Vaastu dosh.
  • Processed goods should be placed in the North West direction of the business place to speedy disposal.
  • Make offices in North East direction of the business for firm and loyal employees.
For Success
  • Never obstruct the East or North-East direction in your house or office that will otherwise form a Vaastu dosh.
  • Face the East or North while working, eating, watching television or sitting, because it is scientifically proved that facing East or North will increases the alpha activity on the brain wave outline.
  • North direction provides strong growth and success in life; hence office workers and individuals should face North while working.
  • If your entrance is in the South or West, make sure there is no balcony or open space in this direction. Having open space in South or West is itself is a Vaastu dosh.
For Prosperity
  • Main entrance or front door should be in the North or East direction, and not blocked by irrelevant things.
  • The kitchen should ideally build in the South-East direction; the second best option is North-West. Face East while cooking in Southeast kitchen and West if Kitchen in Northwest direction.
  • Southwest is the best direction for overhead tanks, whereas Northeast is for underground water tanks. This helps in balancing the energies in the region of house or office, and protects from stress and sadness.
  • Always build the master bedroom in the South-West direction. The Breadwinner must never sleep in the North-East direction. Which is sever Vaastu dosh and bring many issues like health, wealth and Childless problems.
  • Never place plants or water elements in the bedroom, which leads to unhappy relationship between husband and wife.
  • Avoid sharing of common wall in between the kitchen and toilet. Ensure there is sufficient distance in between both the rooms
  • Master bedroom is the input door of stability and it must be in the South-West.
  • Bathroom and toilet are the “hell” energy sources, which are best in West or South direction.
  • The main doorway is the mouth of a house which brings in the energy.
  • Avoid a property having main door facing South-west, as this attracts evil spirit energy and brings in struggle and misfortunes.
For Worshiping or Prayer
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the North-East direction is ideal for worship or prayer room.
  • The image of god or deity should never face the South direction.
  • Your face either East or West while praying or worshipping, prayer room should not be close proximity to the living room.
  • Don’t place “God Ganesh” idols in such way that you see it when you enter the house. Instead place it in the interior so that you can see the idol while leaving the house. Place idol or pic of goddess Mahalaxmi seated on Lotus on your front door.
  • Never use bright colors like red and purple for decorating the house, because they may develop sickness energy in the house.

Playing a musical CD two – three times daily could calm down the distructive energy and experience the calmness in the house, which could otherwise creates argument-um energy.

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