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Vaastu Tips for Study Room

“I can’t remember what studied” or "our retention power is weak" or "we could not concentrate
on studies" etc. these are some complaints ever make the students. To have better studies and
acquire knowledge it’s necessary to build a study room according to Vaastu Shastra. Below in
this article we will see easy to implement, vaastu tips for study room

We surely find many more remedies to this problem in our ancient science Vaastu Shastra. For
students enthusiastic to do well, here are a few tips, following which the students can achieve
success in their studies and obviously evaluate themselves, to a higher grade.

Ideal places for setting your study room:

  • East
  • North
  • North-East
  • West(in rare conditions)

Vaastu Tips for Study Room:
 While studying you should face East or North to memorize promptly and accelerate retention
and to increase the concentration power. 
 Place the images of God Ganesha and Goddess of knowledge “Saraswati” in Study Room for more concentration. 
 The books shelf in the study room should always be kept in the South-West, South or West direction and never in the North-East. The heavy weight of that Book shelf, pressure the mind of that student.
 The study table should not touch the wall. It should have at least 2-3 feet distance from the wall.
 Avoid putting unnecessary books on the study table. The required books should only be kept on the study table. Lots of books on the table create unwanted psychological pressure on the mind.
 The study books must be placed in the cabinet rather than putting them open.  The cabinet shutter should always be kept in close up position that keeps the consistency of energy flow.   
 The Chair and study table should never face the door. The table should be in comfortable size for the working of the student.
 A big sized table interrupts study and small table leads to depression. The lamp should be kept in the South-East corner of the desk.
 Ensure that after studying, when students go off to sleep, their head must in South direction. This helps to maintain the magnetic balance of the body with the earth. 
 Make sure there is no mirror reflecting in the study room. This may give doubling effect on their work load. In the study room make sure that a beam should not pass over the studying student, otherwise he or she has to face unwanted pressure. 
  Avoid putting bed in study room that leads to child lazy. Also avoid television in study room because it interrupts concentration of students and works as a mirror.
 Never put your shoes below the studying table, because it’s a holy place for student.
 Face north or east while studying, but when appearing for any competitive exams only face the north direction.
 Never keep back or face Toilet while studying, and always keep the toilet door closed.
 Open the widows to have a maximum Sun rays in the morning, which will fill up your room with positive energy.
 If study room is used by more than one student, then place their combined smiling photograph in study room, which increases positive cooperation between them.    
 Moreover, if possible, the walls of the study room should be light in color as it is very auspicious and enhances the wishing power as well as supports the speedy progress of mind.

The Color scheme for Study Room walls should be Green, Light Green, Blue, Cream or White. Light colors are preferred over dark ones because they enhance the wishing power as well as support the speedy progress of mind.

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