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Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank

Vaastu Shastra and Septic tank are the two things which rarely seems to connected, may be due to septic tank is hardly ever remembered until it start foul-smelling. Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank is a latest developed portion in House construction.


The septic tanks were not as essential as in the present modernization scenario. The foul-smelling along with solar and magnetic radiations brings negative energy in to the house.

Septic tank that not abiding by Vaastu principles could create sorrowful disruptions in life! And far away from happiness. And this attracted the Vaastu studies to concentrate on principles to be formed on Septic Tank to avoid any of Vaastu Dosh.

Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank

  • Always construct the Septic tank one or two feet above the ground level.
  • Never build the septic tank in the Southeast, Northeast and Southwest direction, the best option is Northwest. Septic tank should never touch the main compound wall of the house.
  • You should place your septic tank in such a way so that it does not face directions like southeast, southwest or northeast. These directions are considered highly inauspicious for septic tanks as per Vastu norms.
  • The outlets of the septic tank for drainage purpose must have their passage in the Northwest or West direction.  Keep drainage pipes away from the southern part of the house.
  • Pipes comes from the upper floor should never placed in the Southwest direction of the house.
  • The primary sewage can be outlet in the west, east or northern directions of the house. However, the Southern portion is strictly avoided.
  • The gutter can be in any other direction apart from for the South direction.
  • Making the north side into nine equal parts, construct the septic tank in the third part of the Northwest. If no space is there, the septic tank can be built in the North corner of the west side. 

The septic tank should be constructed having length in East-west, and width might be in the North-south direction

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