Vaastu Tips for Selection of Plot

The first and foremost important thing is the Facing of plot or house while selecting the plot.  There is a concept that North and East facing plots are superior as compared to South and West facing plots. This is not correct, because all the directions in the universe are equally important; and positive or Negative results can be depends how much we follow the rules.

Vaastu advice for selection of plot is based on the study of multiple factors, like directions of the site, Soil type, Plot shape, Plot surroundings and some more aspects.
Vastu for selection of plot is a long method which contains keeping away the negative energies which otherwise might leads to cruel health problems along with loss of money.

Following are the some points one should follow while selecting the plot.

Selection of the plot

  1. Always choose Square or Rectangle outline plot.
  2. Plot with dimensions having more length in the East or West direction is good for Construction.
  3. Buying a plot which has additional open space in Southern direction as compared to the Northern side is not recommended, as that might cause some sort of destruction.
  4. The sloping of the site should always be towards North or east or North-East.
  5. Avoid plot irregular in shapes or make them in rectangle before construction.
  6. Business person can purchase a South facing plot. People those working in Social services can choose a West facing plot, which is good for them.
  7. Never purchase Plot or Land from those suffering from prolonged Sickness, people who has become insolvent, distressed or unsuccessful, because the atmosphere of that plot/place depends on the livelihood of the people. 

Geography and surroundings:

  1. A temple, church, mosque should not be in front of plot / house, or else the residents will constantly in sick and mentally disturbed.
  2. Falling of shadows of the temples and trees nearby on the main building brings undesirable problems.
  3. As per Vaastu Shasthra principles, productive plot surrounding with greenery is supposed to be Auspicious.
  4. The plot adjacent to graveyard or tomb is to be avoided also the plot located in the neighborhood of schools, colleges or cinema theatre should not be purchased. The inmates of such houses will always have a fear and lack in the peace of mind.
  5. Don’t purchase a plot, in which rain water from the roof of the neighborhood house falls in your plot.
  6. There should not be tall building located in the Northeastern direction of your plot, because that might spoil your mental peace of mind. Whereas, that high-rise building if located in the South, West or Southwest direction that is fine one.
  7. Plot with rivers or canal flowing on West or South direction of the plot is not considered good, whereas on the reverse if Water flowing in Northeast direction considered as very good.
  8. Never purchase a Plot in between two huge buildings. Also avoid the T- junction or Vidhi Shula plot. 

Types of soil 

  • The Soil in the plot with white in color, having lotus smell, sweet in taste is considered very well.
  • The soil red in color, smelling blood and astringent in taste is may be good.
  • The Soil black in Color, having spicy small and bitter taste should not purchased, because this type of plot is not auspicious for house construction.
  • The plot soil should not have ant-hills, bones, skeletons.

The houses which are destroyed due to fire, lighting, rain and storm etc., are not so good.

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