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A school premises should be designed very carefully, following the Vastu-Shastra guidelines, because the students learning here are the future of a nation and needs a firm focus and solid concentration. A school is the institute of knowledge; which builds the powerful future. At the same time, the Students must be stress free and not to be Over-loaded. They must be able to achieve good results to opt for marvelous Career. Vastu principles if applied carefully in the School can contribute in making its students intelligent and bright thereby enhancing concentration and de-stressing.
As Directions play important role in Vastu-Shastra; thus if a School is constructed in the wrong direction, the students will not able to deal with and concentrate for the good results. Hence Vaastu principles are very useful in every school while constructing.

Vaastu Tips for School

  • All Schools should be built with East or Northeast entrance.
  • Leave more open space towards the East and Northeast while South, West and Southwest should be used more for construction.
  • The school block or building must be constructed in the Southwest of the plot
  • Entrance of the Classrooms should be in East and blackboard should be in West.
  • Teacher’s Platform desk should be at least one foot higher from the ground.
  • Construct the beams in such a way that no Children in the classroom should sit under the beam.
  • Construct the Staff room in Northwest corner
  • Construct the Toilets block in the Northwest Zone.
  • Pantry or canteen in the School should be made in Southeast zone.
  • Director or Principal’s office should be constructed in Southwest or South direction o that she/he can face North or Northeast
  • The Laboratories and Computer rooms should be in the Southeast area
  • Meeting room and conference room should be in North with East facing door.
  • Open area or play ground should be in the Eastern part of the school.
  • Locate the Reception and cashier room in Eastern or Northern side.
  • Library and Study room must be in the Western portion of the School.
  • Construct the administration block in North or East direction.
  • Generators, electrical equipment s should be constructed in Southeast.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, the preferable location for parking Vehicles [Cars, Bikes, Cycles etc.] is Northwest area, and Southeast can be considered as a second option.
  • A staircase must be built in the Western or Southern part of the School. It should be never in the Northeast zone, which otherwise create financial losses to the institutes. In fact, staircase in any part of the Plot other than West or South can brings losses.

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