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Vaastu tips for Married Life

Every married couple wants to enhance happiness in their Married life with a little bit help from luck. The truth is people say they are not having happiness with unexpected results in their lives. Many forms of prediction are assumed in and used by people to enhance their luck in terms of married life, Couple relationship, health or career.

Vaastu shastra, the sacred science from India, creates harmonious stress-free living and work environments, supports the success in all areas of life, even in the married life (bedroom!) also.  The bedroom where we  spend approximately one third of our life time and so it’s an extremely important factor in our overall health.

Here are some wonderful Vaastu tips for Married Couples to improve marriage relationship

Just in entering the bedroom, the first thing we see is something that may give us the feeling of peace and serenity. This could be a photograph, a favorite quote, a painting, even fresh flowers can enhance these positive, life supporting feelings.

  • Don’t spend more time in the Bedroom while you are unhappy, worried or irritated. “We attract what we think” here that may happen. Consequently, this could be the good region to sit and think about the love and happiness.
  • Paintings of negative aspect of life which symbolize death, quarrels and violence should not be placed in bedroom. Do not put on show pictures of war, cruelty, grief, single bird, wild animals in bedroom that creates marriage problems.
  • Use light shades for painting of walls in the bedroom. Prefer shades of green, light blue, rose pink, as this helps creating better understanding among   married couples.
  • Do not put in chilling or nude pictures and images in the bedroom of couple. Which adversely affects and dilutes the love and married relationship?
  • To trigger up the good effects and to enjoy the highest levels of familiarity with spouse, place a statue of White Horses pair in the Bedroom.
  • Keep fresh flowers, fruits like pomegranate in the Bedroom. Pomegranates are the symbol of fertility. 
  • Always remember, the door of the attached toilet and toilet seat cover in bedroom must be kept shut down, when not in use.  
  • Don’t keep bedroom cluttered, clean bedroom would create serenity. The space under the bed should be clean and clutter free otherwise it may cause sleep disorders, mental stress and leads to married life problems.
  • Always avoid keeping the picture of water, live fountains in the bedroom. That destroys married life with health and wealth.
  • Do not keep dry and artificial flowers in the newly Married Couples bedroom, because they may cause disturbance and increases false love. Prefer to put on Fresh flowers in couple’s bedroom either in the front or in the side of the bed.

Comfortable lights are excellent in the bedroom. Keep away bright and dim lights whereas keeping up lighter in Southeast direction of that bedroom is good.

Couples aspiring for children should cautious about the placement of water tank according to Vaastu Shastra.  An underground water tank in the Southwest direction is absolutely prohibited.


  • Avoid TV or computer in couple’s bedroom because the Electromagnetic rays and vibrations from electronic substance like T V, Computer, creates stress and tension, so avoid them keeping in the Bedroom. But if you can’t avoid, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night or while making love.
  • Keep your bedroom clear and dust free because, dusty object means dust on the married relationship.
  • For the newly married couples, North or North West direction is ideal for their bedroom, as this direction ensures Consummation and Marital Bliss in their life.
  • South East is the corner of fire place and leads to clashes between the couple so it’s always better not to have bedroom in this direction.
  • Placing a sculpture of a Love Birds pair in the Southwest direction will increase the love in married life.
  • Couples should not keep mirrors in their bedroom, as it may create quarrels between the couple. Placing mirror in the Southeast (SE) direction is like having water in Fire Zone. Since water and fire are opposite to each other so that might cause accidents and injuries.
  • Be very careful about the positioning of the toilet, as wrong location can dispose off the relationship altogether. South-West direction is the zone of relationships so avoid toilet here. This might leads to disagreement in couple to live with each other.
  • The bed should be placed in the southwest portion, keeping  head-side in the south direction. Keeping bed in the Northern and Eastern zone would cause mental stress and financial instability.
  • Decorate the house with beautiful crystals, because the crystals help to attract light and illuminate the relationship as well.
  • According to Vastu  Shastra, wooden beds should be preferred  in the  couple’s bedroom.
  • Bedroom should be prefect square or rectangular, that ensures peace and love in life. Avoid irregular shaped rooms completely.
  • Never keep dressing table in South West zone, that gives extension to the Southwest  zone and creates increased wastage (of resources) and leads to infertility for the occupant of that bedroom.
  • Prefer shades in light colors like green, light blue, rose pink, in the Bedroom as this creates better understanding among the married couple.
  • Never built the toilet in Southwest direction, as this could lead to unwillingness of a couple to live with each other, as Southwest is the zone of relationship.
  • Sharp objects such as knife and scissors should be covered. The same is applicable to pickles as well. Openly placed knife and scissors or pickles in the bedroom creates sourness in relationship.

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