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Vaastu Tips for Marriage, Vaastu Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Marriage of Daughter could be the largest thinking for the parents and at times delay in marriage is becoming the reason to be anxious and causing for restless days. Delay in Marriage of Sons or Daughter is the serious concern for parents. In this article we will see various possible reason that could effect delaying in marriage, Vaastu Tips for Marriage.

Verify the horoscope of to be married boy or girl. Though having a marriage possibility, still they are facing troubles in getting married, at this juncture look for Vaastu Remedies, is there any Vaastu Dosh in your residential house.

Houses built according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, there may not be possibility of delay in any work that includes marriage also.

Reasons for Marriage delay:   

  • Southwest defect in any house would be a major cause for delay in Marriage.
  • One of the major defects is having underground water tank in Southwest which causes marriage delay.  
  • Slope in Southwest compare to Northeast is another reason for the delay in alliance for marriage.

Room for to be Married Girls:

  • Particularly single girls who are facing problems in getting married, should never use the Southwest bedroom or for her other activities.
  • Because the southwest direction gives stability in the house and do not let her to marry easily.
  • The door of her room should not open or to be given in the Southwest direction of the room.
  • A marriageable girl should be provided with suitable room so that she would get married at her proper age.
  • Northwest is the ideal direction for marriageable girls to stay there.
  • Due to one or another reason Northwest is not available then extreme western direction is a good option.
  • Furnishing and bed sheets should not be of Black or blue colors, they may be pink and violet.

Room for marriageable boys:

To be married boys should use Northeast bedroom. Also they can use extreme south and extreme west direction for their all activities.
Marriageable boys should never sleep in Southeast direction.

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