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Vaastu Tips for Car Parking


While designing a House construction or planning to buy a house the most ignored area is Garage or place for vehicle parking. As when we build the house according to Vaastu Shastra, that brings peace and prosperity in the same way the Garage also ensures long life of vehicle and habitats, in this article we will see vaastu tips for car parking

The car is not parked in the correct direction according Vaastu principle then that may brings again and again expenses to your vehicle.

Vehicles are mini homes for those owners. In metro cities it can be difficult to park the vehicle in desired direction. At least make it possible to choose any positive prime direction for Vehicle parking i.e. East or North.

So, make sure that the garage is planned according to Vaastu Shastra to bring positivity and good health. Following are some tips that you should take care while designing your garage.

  • Administrative officers should always park their vehicles in east facing. On the Full Moon day and New Moon day, try to avoid crossing the city boundary in between from 11p.m. to 4 a.m. in the night.  During this time due to attraction and repulsion forces of the moon, the atmosphere becomes highly charged and that could be favorable time for accidents.
  • If possible avoid traveling in the South and the Southwest direction on Saturdays. As this direction and day is of the Yama. On extremely first New Moon day (first day after Ammavsya) tie your Vehicle with: 1. Biba (marking nut); 1 lemon; Seven green chillies before 11 a.m. This will protects against evil and unkind forces.
  • Built the Porch or Vehicle parking area in the East or North directions of the house.
  • If the Vehicle is parked facing West or South direction then, there is a possibility of fire hazards
  • If parking in the west, keep the south-west corner vacant and planning a parking area in the south direction then it should be in the Southeast corner.
  • A vehicle parked in the porch should not face South, keep its face towards the East or North direction.
  • If the Vehicle faces towards the west of the north-west, that Vehicle remains in the porch for a very short time it always on movement or traveling.
  • Never built a parking area in Northeast or Southwest directions. The Northwest is the suitable direction for keeping cars/vehicles.
  • Having parking area in the Southeast direction should always invites continue repair work
  • The Vehicle parked in Southwest direction does not come out of the garage and is always in out of order condition. Parking is suitable if constructed in the East or North directions in the basement
  • Colors can be used for the porch are white, yellow or any other light colors. Black and gray should be strictly avoided.
  • If you are on business deal finalization tour then keep the vehicle parked facing North direction in the previous night

If your vehicle is giving you trouble try these vaastu tips for car parking and see the results. And do let us know about your experience.

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