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Vaastu Shastra Directions

Other than five basic elements of Universe, the directions in Vaastu Shastra are the most important feature of this antique science. While constructing a house, make sure that everything is in the right place or as per Vaastu Shastra directions, which is extremely important. This is why it is necessary to know all about Vastu Shastra directions.

Here are the eight  Vastu Shastra directions  and their specific characteristics:

East: this is the direction of sunrise, or new beginnings. Also the direction of prosperity.  East direction should not be in a more high than the west, south west and the North West directions.

West: West, is probably the most discreditable direction. The west is the direction where the sun sets, which means this direction is not good for beginnings here everything ends.

North: North is the direction that is best for the business people. The planet Mercury (Budh) rules over this direction, which makes useful for offices in this direction.

South: The south is quite an incompatible direction. There is fear, those who follow Vastu Shastra regarding this direction. There is always Delays in all activities, for instance, in auspicious ceremonies in the house. Fact that there are mixed feelings about this direction weather it works for people or not. Say, if one builds a house with a south facing entrance, they get success for the few years, but after that, there will be stagnancy and in due course wealth starts to decrease.

North-East: this is the direction of god. It is most auspicious direction and known to promote positive aspects in the house and in the men and women as well. As the Sun rises from the East, one naturally gets maximum (vital) energy from sun if the house constructed facing  North-East  direction.

North-West:  north-west direction handles interpersonal relationships. Relationships of people with the other members of the family certainly depend on the North West direction. Well constructed North-west direction prospers the occupants with happiness, peace and development.

South-East: South-east is the direction of the logical and reasoning person. For steady, progressive and peaceful life avoid any defect in South-east direction. South-east facing house are considered as average because this is the place of ‘Agni’ and ideal place for the kitchen.

South-West: This is the direction of the demons, which makes it unsuitable and inauspicious. This is exact opposite of north-east.  South-West direction  can command the business and decisions making people field.

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