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Vaastu Shastra and Mirrors

Mirrors have powerful effects on your happiness in the dwelling house. How you are using the mirrors for their best effects? What might be harmful? What is the ideal for the use of wall mirrors?Mirrors are the most useful and simple Remedies for Vaastu Dosh, because Mirrors can be used in different ways to deal with many defects as its requirement.

 But at the same time not all the mirrors can effective in the same way. Mirrors if used in the wrong shape or in the wrong direction can give bad effects or damages rather than giving good effects.

Mirror may give a fine look to your bedroom, but remember that can attract negative energy in the bed room. Ensure that any part of your body should not reflect in the mirror while sleeping, otherwise that part will undergo or have to face major illness problem.

It is better to place a mirror reflecting a dining table. It is supposed that the doubling-up the food on the dining table will attract plenty of wealth. Never put up mirror opposite to main entrance door which reflecting the main door. This gives the effect of bouncing the energy, which might otherwise flow into the house premises will straight out again. This could be the missing of a good opportunity coming in to your life. Mirrors are used to expand a space. When your house has a cut (Vaastu Dosh) in particular direction, then placing a mirror in that direction works as a remedy to give deepness to that direction. When we use mirrors effectively in the house, which effectively pulls the positive energy and warmness from the sun. If windows in your house open to a beautiful outdoor view or lovely garden, you can bring those views inside the house by placing a mirror on the wall exact opposite of those windows. The mirror will reproduce the outdoor views bringing them inside the house and make them landscape as if the integral part of that house. Mirrors also can be used to drive out something negative. By placing the mirrors facing to whatever is defective or negative in the house, the mirror shall reflect back it, and reduces the bad effects or negatively.

So if you having any object or shape which is dis-harmonizing, then bad effects of such object can be neutralized by placing the mirror facing it.

  • Never place a mirror on South and West direction walls to avoid disintegration around in your personal space area.
    The mirrors of any type should only be placed on the walls of North or East direction in the house.
  • Do not keep any kind of glass piece or other shinning thing at the main gate.
  • Glass decorative items, show piece, aquarium wall clock and other glass things should be placed in the East or North direction of the house.
  • A single sheet of glass in a window or door should not be transparent.
  • A dressing table with mirror standing side by the bed is considered good, but if it is reflecting your body or image then it is inauspicious.
  • Always avoid placing the toiletry mirror near study table in the children’s room, because that could interfere the children’s concentration.
  • Mirror on South wall also be avoided as it tends to make children inflexible and disobedient.
    Mirrors in rectangular, round and square shapes are healthy for the diversion of energies within the household.

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