Vaastu Remedies for Plot Defects

Having Each and every corner with 90 degrees like, Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast all in 90 degrees  and No extensions or no depressions on any corner such plots are perfectly called as a square plots. Generally such plots are considered as good for construction of house and can leads to all-round prosperity.

Favorable Directions of The Plot

  • East facing Plot is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, and professors etc.
  • Plot facing North direction is good for peoples in power, administration and those works in administration.
  • Plot facing South direction is considered good for business peoples and for those works in business organization.
  • West facing plot is better for those who provides support services to the society.

Some Rules to consider while purchasing Plot.
Plots with rivers or canals flowing on West or South are not considered as Good Plots.  However if River or Canal flows in North, East or Northeast direction it is Auspicious.
Hills, Hillocks, Mounds of Earth, Big boulders on the South, West or Southwest of the Plot are considered as good. On the other sides [Northeast] it will spoil the development. Facing Corner of another building to plot or house gives mental instability.
Land donated to temple, allotted to Watchmen of the Colony, Land in possession of Charitable trust will not be purchased.
Land containing boulders, ant hills, worm hills, bones and skeleton etc, should not be purchased.

Slopes of the plots
Vaastu rule says that plot should be at high or elevated in South and West directions; where as the sloping (declining) should be towards East and North, so that natural flow of water will be from West to East and from South to North. House constructed on such plot brings joy and happiness, good offspring with overall success in life of the inmates.

Why plot shape is necessary

  • According to Vaastu Shastra the shape of the ground surface also influences the fortune of the occupants. Every place or piece of Land creates a magnetic energy according to Vaastu.
  • Vaastu Shastra says that only square and rectangle plots release and circulate good vibrations.
  • Irregular, plots always replicate bad energies.
  • If the sizes or shapes of plot are not as per prescribed manner then these magnetic forces get distributed unequally and adversely affects the Vaastu liveliness.
  • Some houses, shops remains vacant even are having in central market places. The reason could be the size or shape of that plot or shop which damages the Vastu energies of that place.

Vaastu remedies for defected plots and houses:-

Every defect or dosh have remedies in Vastu Shastra for correcting the defects.

  1. Defected [Odd shaped] plots can be corrected by dividing that plot in to two, making them in to Two separate plots.
  2. Little shops, Small temples, Small gardens can be built in extended parts of the plot making the main plot in square or rectangle to reduce the negativity.

Constructing a separate compound wall can:

  1. Reduces the defect of plots due to roads hitting opposite. [Normally this remedy may be used in South west and south east direction road hit. [ Vidhi Shula ].
  2. Reduces the defect of plots that caused due to roads hitting at from opposite directions of the plot / house.

Constructing a Separate compound wall to break down the odd shaped plots and to make them square or rectangle in shape is another remedy.

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