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Vaastu Remedies for Happy Family

It is a fact that if you follow the Vaastu Shastra principles while constructing the house and keep the equipment in that house according to Vastu Tips, then family in that house will live happy with prosperity. Then you can say “Home Sweet Home, With Happy Family”
One can use the Vaastu Remedies about what not to put the things in house to enjoy happy family Life.
Well here we give some brief guidelines about the things that you must avoid to put on these in your home.

According to Ethics in Hindu never place ‘Devi Mahalaxmi’ idol/statue/picture facing outside from house, which measured as outflow of prosperity from that house.

Picture of Mahabharata

Never keep any of the scenes from Mahabharata in your house. That image symbolizes a never ending opposition among those family members.

Taj Mahal:  Though Taj mahal as the essence of love and actually the tomb of Mumtaz, Shahjahan’s wife. Thus any show piece of Taj or its related images should not keep at home as it symbolizes death and lack of initiative. Having such things in home affect our life seriously.

Nataraja: Nataraja symbolizes tremendous art, at the same time it symbolizes destruction. Since this dance form is actually ‘Tandava Nritya’, signifies dance for destruction. Thus an image or show piece of Nataraja should never be there in your house.

Sinking Boat: This is another image that never be kept at home. A sinking boat represents a deteriorating setting in the relationships between family members in that house. So if you have that in your houses remove it immediately.

Water Fountain: Some people love to keep wonderful water fountains in their house. But according to vastu, Shastra no such thing should be placed in your home, since it signifies the flowing character of an object. Which means the money and prosperity in your life will not stay for long and flows with the flow of time.

Wild Animals: Any image or show piece of a wild animal depicts wildness in the nature of all things. That brings a violent approach in the nature of people living in that house.

Photographs ( Where to put Photos on wall according to Vaastu?)

Never place the images of late grand ancestors on Northeast wall or in the worship room. Southern wall is the Ideal place to put on late ancestor images. Also never put family pictures on East or North wall.
Family photographs are to be placed on South-west wall, that also strengthen the family relationships.
Mirrors: Avoid placing mirror in the bedroom. If any of your body part seen or reflects in that mirror will cause sleep disorder? If mirror is unavoidable that should be covered in the night.

At the same time make sure that you have not kept any damaged or broken mirror in any portion of the house.
Mirror should be not being placed opposite to each other; because they would promote agitation in the family members.
North or East direction brings in the flow of positive energy, so never place the mirror facing to this direction since they reflect back the positive energy. In addition, mirror on the South make children’s more inflexible and arrogant. We suggest more reading on Mirror. Maintaining house and things in that according to Vastu tips brings the positive changes in your life.

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