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Vaastu Remedies for Career Growth

According to Vaastu every person should follow some given set of norms, few directions, which can certainly let them excel in their career. A working professional or Business persons should adhere to Vaastu ethics to get success in life without obstructions. We will see vaastu remedies for career growth in this article, which could potentially boost your career.

Profession, Career or ‘Karma’ indicates the result of your actions upon the world, the status we achieve in life; in spite whatever you are, either it’s in Service or Business. Excelled career is imperative for every individual and to achieve superior position, which gives you space to grow in financial and other aspects of life.
However, this will not always happens in everywhere, or in the every case and this is why we have to use Astrology or Vaastu ideology which certainly helps.

Each and every profession has its own governing and sustaining planets, which acts as barrier creators.
Following are the professions which governed by specific planets.

Sun [Surya]
Planet Sun if properly placed in birth chart, it point out that person will be self – self-assured, kind hearted, sincere, protective, inspiring, motivating the people to meet up their goals in life and will possesses the leadership skills.
Professions governed by Sun: Administrator, Manager, Director, Leader, Celebrity, Sports Person, Government Officer, Interior Decorator. Remedies to enhance the position of Sun:

  • Put a Lucky Bamboo plant in East direction of living room
  • Put on a rising Sun portrait in the East direction of living room
  • East direction should be light weight and in Orange color shades.

Moon [Chandra]
Moon acts as a “Mother” taking responsibility for a social environment of a place. A person with favorable Moon in birth chart is acts like Mother Care taker. He is Spontaneous sympathetic and responsive to solve the anxieties and others problem.
Professions indicated by Moon:  Caring workers, Nurses, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Child Care, Women-care professionals, Food and Beverage Business, Raring Animals (Dairy).
Moon can be strengthened by these Vastu Remedies:

  • Place a Conch full up with water in the Northwest direction of House
  • Put on view a Crystal Globe on the North-West direction of working table [Students on their Study Table]
  • Set a bunch of peacock feathers [ मोरपंख] in the Northwest direction.

Mars [Mangal]
Mars is a warrior and has a courage and willpower. Person having Mars in good position in birth chart is action oriented, energetic, and ambitious and always ready to accept challenges.
Professions related to Mars : Army, Police and fire related works are associated with Mars. Professionals from Industry like Metal, Weapon, Machines, Tools manufacturing. Professionals like Surgeons, Dentists, Barbers, Cooks, Blacksmiths, Butchers, Chemists and Owners of Medicines, Box Makers, Sweet Vendors come under Mars.
The position of Mars can be strengthened using following Vaastu remedies:

  • Display a Red Phoenix portrait on the South direction of a living Room
  • Beautify the South direction with your academic certificates and medals
  • Avoid placing water elements in South direction.

Mercury [ Budh ]
Having Mercury in positive place in birth chart indicates the person will have systematic approach, good in numerical skills like accounting, finance, measuring surveying and writing.
Professions related to Mercury: The use of advanced speech, Speech Therapist, Publishing, Editor, Writer, Consultant, Analyst, Accountant, Mathematician, Communication skill related fields like Call Center, Journalism, Telecom, Internet, Digital Networks, Financial Controller, Librarian, Advertiser, Skin Care, Youth-oriented Program Organizers.
Remedies to increase Mercury:

  • Place a green Plant in Living room
  • Basil Plant (‘Tulsi’) in the North-East direction
  • Keep the Northeast direction open and very light weighted
  • Avoid toilet in this North direction.

Jupiter [ Guru / Brihaspati ]
Jupiter or the Guru, having favorable in the birth chart makes you positive, tolerant, honest, spiritual, having an ability to handle the stress in a fair way, adheres to values even in hard circumstances.
Job works related to Jupiter: Judge, Advisor, Counselor, Psychologist, Financial Advisor, Social or Charity worker, Professor, Educationalist, Priest, Human Resources and Employee Development, Studies in Spiritualism.
Enrich the position of Jupiter using the below mentioned remedies:

  • Put a Water filled bowl with fresh yellow/pink flowers in Northeast direction of the house.
  • Avoid placing iron or black shade item in the North and Northeast direction of any of the room in house or office
  • Put the cash box in North direction.

Venus [ Shukra ]
Venus is a planet of beauty, art and joyfulness in life and favorable Venus makes an individual charming, a good host, good sense of art and culture, social relationship creator, focus on harmony, highly diplomatic, skilled analyzer of people and situations, aware of enjoying pleasure and comfort.
Occupations associated with Venus: Art, Design, Fashion, Photography, Boutiques, Spa, Cosmetician, Beauty Products and Services, Gems, Precious metals, Drama, Entertainment field, working with Women and their Associated Affairs, Fancy Restaurants, Sweets and Desserts.

Strengthen the Venus using following remedies:

  • Place a purple crystal lotus in the Southeast direction
  • Set a crystal ‘Shree Yantra’ in a silver bowl in the South-East direction of worship area (‘Pooja’)
  • Wear a rose bracelet.
  • Place a pomegranate portrait in the dining area.

Saturn [Shani ]
The constructive Saturn [ Shani ] in the birth chart indicates good endurance and staying power making the person solid functioning, which puts in the extra effort to make things right, follows ethnicity, and pursue the Ethics and abide with them.
Weakened Saturn in the chart makes the person unresponsive, depressed, and low on aptitude, lethargic, lack of vitality, life filled with delays and losses, users of drugs and alcohol.
Occupations related to Saturn: Jobs of Hard Workers or Labors, Work in Agriculture, Oil, Gas, Mining, Minerals, Geology, Excavation, Antiques, Archaeology, and Museums. Saturn also governs professionals in Monasteries, Sanitariums, Civil Engineering, Disaster Relief, Insurance Sales, Drug Rehabilitation, Animal Care and Prison Work.
Saturn can be made positive using remedies:

  • Placing Metal furniture or metal items in the West direction
  • Helping laborers, giving food to needy and handicapped on Saturday
  • Feeding ants with wheat flour
  • Keep Iron bowl filled with mustard oil in the West direction of your storeroom.

Rahu and Ketu [Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail]
‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are shadow planets and not having their own identity. They specify according to the associate planets or consequence of the house they placed.
In common Rahu acts like Saturn. Rahu brings up the vision to come up with innovative solution to the problems in complex times. The positive Rahu will make the person clever and with technical skills.
Rahu related professions: Technicians, Pharmacist, Bio-energy Worker, Secret Service, and Profession in Foreign or from abroad Travel.
“Ketu” acts like Mars. ‘Ketu’ indicates insight, enlightenment (‘Moksha’), feel inner silence, ignoring the objects to favor the spiritualism. Wakened ‘Ketu’ makes the person with low self image, full of doubts and fear, lets others get advantage of them, lack off firmness in life, oversensitive, anxious and erratic.
Occupations linked to Ketu: Priest, Meditation or PD Guru, Linked with spiritual objects, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Unique Healing Methods.
Remedies to make Rahu and Ketu positive:

  • Display a portrait of ‘flying birds’ in the North-West direction of office or house
  • Set green plants in the North-East direction
  • Place a few magnet pieces in a crystal bowl and put it in the South-West direction.

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