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Vaastu Tips for Staircase

Before choosing size of staircase or direction you should have a clear idea about placement of the stairs that confirms with Vaastu Shastra principles. Below we will see vaastu tips for staircase.

Direction for Staircase:  

A staircase should always build in the west or south direction of the house. It should not be constructed in the Northeast corner that gives financial losses for the owner. In fact, the staircase constructed in any direction except west or south brings losses.


Always start on stairs from north to south or east to west. A turn can be taken to other sides, due to lack of space.

Always construct the Stairs with odd number, ensure that number never end with a zero. This odd number of stairs if divided by three (3) their remains must be two (2).

The  room which having staircase in the Southwest corner of a basement is considered inauspicious. As per Vaastu principles, residents in this room/ house have to experience many health problems like, high blood pressure, critical diseases, anemia etc….!

Here are few vaastu tips about constructing staircase to lead a happy life. 

  • Broken down stairs should be repaired immediately, as they leads to tensions and accidents.
  • Bathroom, Kitchen, or Pooja room never is constructed under the staircase. This space can be used for storage room only.
  • Never keep safety lockers or Cash counter under the staircases
  • The toilet under Stairs in Southeast can causes legal problems and also cause fights with family members and/or neighbors. 
  • Remedy: Apply red color shades to this direction
  • Stairs should be painted in light colors only.

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