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Vaastu Health Tips

The proverb ‘health is wealth’ holds a lot of meaning in Vastu Shastra also. Vastu shastra contains some important rule to be followed by people, to keep a good health and remain in the good state of mind.
Please take advice form a Vaastu expert in your area if your family members are suffering from prolonged sickness and which has not even been diagnosed correctly.

Since  it may be due to a Vastu defect with wrong placement of equipment or things in the house. Following certain simple Vaastu health tips can prevent diseases and give you a good health. Read on Vastu tips to know how simple and minor Vastu corrections can help in fighting aliments better and also bring a rapid recovery.

General vaastu tips
General health can be superior by keeping head towards the south while sleeping. For people suffering with “Vaatha” and “Khapha”, should sleep on their Left. While sleeping on the right in gives better health for those with “Pitha” constitutions.

Placing Dog statues facing outside can guard your entrance from evil eyes, spirits and also preserve your prosperity.

Place a Fish Aquarium in the North/South-East or South-West corner of your Hall or living room; this is a major source to attract peace and prosperity at home.

Vaastu defects are the basic cause of disputes in families, especially in between husband and wife.
Hence it is very important to have well developed thoughts between husband and wife, this can be happen provided their master bedroom is in the Southwest direction. The master bedroom in south west direction is able to give physical, mental stability to the house owner with that healthy body and strong Mind.

According to Vastu Shastra, having a staircase exact middle in the house may lead to health problems. So, built the stairs in the corner following Vaastu tips.
Fire element imbalance in the house will creates or causes major health problems or Sickness.

House Slope
If the house faces South, having slope towards South direction, the underground water tank is in Southeast, then there is possibility of continues health sickness. Read more on slope benefits.

The Remedy to overcome this situation is to keep the south facing gate always closed. The gate should be high and made with wood, so that outside road is not visible. Try to or shift the underground water tank in Northeast direction.

Lighting a Lamp ( Diya ) in the fire zone (southeast direction) regularly will give you good health.
If the Kitchen is not located in the fire zone,( Southeast ) then it causes many health disorders. So, always plan the kitchen in the southeast direction.

The boundary wall of the house should be of same height as the gate. Growing citrus plants like grapefruit, lemon, or orange on either sides of the gate promotes good health.

If anybody in your house is unwell or Sick, keeping a burning candle in his/her room, for a couple of weeks will provide better relief. Place an image of Lord Hanuman in the house facing South direction for the good health.

Try these vaastu tips for health to see the difference.

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