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Vaastu for Health

Vaastu Shastra is the study of the Planets, the Stars with balancing of natures five elements Prathvi, Jal, Aakash, Agni, Vayu, (Earth, Water , Space , Fire, and Air.) and their effects on the human health and happiness.
According to Vastu shastra, all five elements of nature are in their perfect balance, Like Earth in the Southwest, Fire in the Southeast, Air in Northwest, Water in the Northeast and Space in the center.

Whereas while constructing a house, this delicate balancing  might be disrupted, and this can cause a health problems from Sleep disorder to major incurable diseases. Everything in the house, the placement of things with design of material used the ground energy effects within seconds as we enter in the house on our mind, body and soul.   As like Ayurveda and Yoga which creates harmony in the human body and mind, in such a way Vaastu also creates harmony in the house. 

The subtle energies existing in the house, along with designing of different rooms and items influence on the health and happiness of the habitats.
Some of the basic rules which affect the human health are discussed below.

Health and Bedroom Vaastu:
A bedroom in the Northeast causes health problems for couples. Pregnant women should never use this bedroom because there is possibility of miscarriage.
Southeast bedroom makes female most irritable with Risk of developing heat related diseases like B.P. Diabetes. The bed should not be aligned with the toilet wall, as that would create negative energies.
Avoid using of bed with storage space, that can leads to brain and heart related health problems. Instead of using storage space  bed, use simple wooden beds.
The electromagnetic waves of the earth flowing from the North Pole create conflict, if your head is towards north while sleeping and leads to stress and aches. To have an uninterrupted and better sleep, keep your head towards south while sleeping.  
Never sit or sleep under a beam otherwise that should causes depression, headache or loss of memory.

Health and Kitchen Vaastu:

Designing the kitchen in the northeast direction causes serious health problems to the female members in the house. That can also cause accidents. Family in such houses has to undergo various overburden situations.
While cooking keep the face to east, avoid eating and drinking with facing south west and south direction. It will improve the taste of the food and helps digestion system of the body.
Kitchen in Bramhsthan can leads to Suicidal and / or Accidental death. Also descendant   (वंश – वृद्धि) in that family comes to end or Stops there.

Geopathic Stress:
The underground water geomagnetic vibrations or Bioelectomagatic radiation can causes incurable diseases like Cancer, Migraine, Kidney failure, high BP and cardiovascular diseases, even though that house is fulfills vaastu compliance.  And this an invisible element.

Health and Stairs Vaastu:

Stairs in the northeast creates brain and heart related problems.  Stairs in Bramhasthan also supposed to be “Death Symbol”
Stairs, Stores and Toilets in the Bramhasthan of the house can also create major health problems.
Never use the space below stairs for store, toilet, bathroom or anything else. It only increases heart and nervous Sickness.
Some important rules:

  • Use color schemes different for roof and wall. Additionally there should not be any tree facing window or main entrance door. That increases the negativity in the house.
  • Keeping garbage or clutter in the northeast direction hampers the blood circulation.
  • Any clutter, Septic tank or a hole, pit in Southwest direction can also develops incurable diseases.
  • If Northwest direction has a clutter, Septic tank or a hole, pit that leads to Lungs related diseases to the habitats.
  • Design a house in such a way, there shall be maximum sunlight and proper cross ventilation during the day time which gives maximum good health to the habitats.
  • The basic principle of Vaastu is to ensure the free flow of energy or prana throughout the house.
  • The first and simplest way to happen this is to keep the house clean and neat, free from excess clutter, which can obstruct the pranic energy. And the out-most principle is to accomplish the correct balancing with the nature’s five elements as a result that can maximize the happiness of the habitats.

Unfortunately, most of the modern house architecture is based on function alone and is not designed in harmony with the elements of nature, which we forcefully leaving to influence on our health, wealth and happiness.

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