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Vaastu Dosh Remedies

If  Northeast direction in your plot or house is weak, that is the only reason for many Vaastu dosh. And whereas if Northeast is strong in spite of dosh (defect) in any direction, the occupants do not have to suffer the bad effects of such Vaastu dosh. Thus try to strengthen the Northeast direction of the house in more. Unless and until the Southwest is strong no stability will be there. Usually Northeast (Eshanya) and Southwest (Nairutya) are the most important directions in any Vaastu.
Northeast is the receiving and magic corner of the house.  It is believed that luck enters in the house through Northeast will remains in the building forever if the Southwest is rock-hard and closed. Whereas if  the Southwest is opened, luck would way out from that House. So any defect in Northeast and Southwest will creates a major Vaastu Dosha.

Some simple Vaastu Dosha Remedies

  • Performing Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti puja at least once in every three year.
  • Vastu Purush pooja at House warming (Vaastu Shanti) will reduce the Vaastu Dosh.
  • Put together Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) prepared from silver, Copper wire, pearl and Powla, in a red cloth with red soil and keep this in the East direction of the house. This is a effective Vaastu Dosha Remedy.
  • Red sand, Cashew Nut and Powla put all these things in red cloth. Keep this in West direction of the house on Tuesday. Worship it with incense (Dhup) to bring peace in that house.
  • Recite “Om Namoh Bhagvati Vastu Devtay Namah”  mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times. This will reduce overall Vaastu defects.

Major defect in Northeast:
Toilet in Northeast:

  • Prolonging health problems
  • Disagreements and misbehavior in family members
  • Stops the overall progress of the family head
  • No where progress of children in that family


  • Place a bowl of SEA Salt in the Toilet, which absorbs the negative energy, change this Salt weekly.
  • Construct a toilet towards south or west. Remember that one should face towards the south or west, while performing the process.
  • Place the copper plate with size of 1.5 inch, at the door of toilet, which works as if it is boundary in toilet and house and will reduce the Vaastu Dosha.
  • Considering the Gravity of the North-east Toilet we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of NE

Bedroom in Northeast:
Northeast is the Head part of  Vastu Purush so having bedroom here is the Major defect in any house. Northeast is also the place of water element ( Jaltatva)


Bedroom in Northeast reduces the heat energy in the body which decreases the sexual life.

Northeast bedroom if occupied by a couple; it gives troubles in getting pregnancy, and could also lead to abnormal descendants. Encourages separation by divorce

Unmarried girl’s sleeps in Northeast there will be delay in their marriage. Even after marriage there may be chances of Separation.

If you can’t shift the bedroom, at least place the bed in the South or West area of the room leaving more space in East and North.

  • Keep the head towards South or West direction while sleeping.
  • Better to shift the Bedroom in Southwest direction of the house.

Kitchen in Northeast


  • Stops overall growth.
  • Creates stressful atmosphere in house and incurs unexpected expenses.
  • Health problems  to females in that house. She may have a sickness in 60:40 proportions


Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

  • Place Bronze (6” long) plates on ceiling of the kitchen in North and in East region.
  • If possible shift the kitchen to SE, even that’s not possible, then place a kitchen in North West direction facing west, or in the South facing East.
  • Put a Vastu Dosh Nivaran or Nivarak Yantra ( Vaastu Defect Removal Yantra) on the entrance door of the kitchen above the door frame.
  • Light a red light bulb in the kitchen during the night, which generates the Mars energy in the Northeast kitchen
  • Place a Agni Yantra in South-east direction of the House

Having  a Cupboard in NE: i.e either on North wall or East wall. That will give migraine problem to one of your family member.


Shift cupboard in the South or Southwest direction in that room or in that house
Water sources.

If the water sources like Bore-well, Water Lake or River nearby your house and in the direction other than Northeast, that creates a Vaastu Dosh.

  • Place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman, on South-West direction facing to the Bore-well or Water source.
  • Place the statue of dancing Ganesh idol facing to west on the Northeast corner of the house.
    • Some times we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of these Water bodies
  • Copper Tortoise Staircase in Northeast: Northeast is the place to rest the Head of the Vastu purush, placing here the staircase would probably give the diseases like Migraine, Parkinson’s, and Paralysis. And this also increases the weight of NE direction. See exact where the stairs are placed on the body parts of  Vastu Purush, one of the family have to face the problem related to that body part.
    Remedy: Place two copper tortoises below the first step of stair case. Never place the stairs in NE, Brahmasthan and South west.
    Some times considering the Gravity of the Stairs we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of these Stairs  

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