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Vaastu Dosh and Their Effects

Following are some problems or Vaastu Dosh effects, which may be experienced in common reading and raised in questions on Vaastu Shastra principles, which does not prove to be a law.
These effects may vary by changing of external as well as internal environment of the dwelling house. These problems may vary from person to person also and place to place.

Hence if you are having any of problems in your living house, then take advice from Vaastu Shastra Expert / consultant and proceed accordingly to have a peaceful life.

North-East (Esyanya) defect:
This is the important direction in the house as per Vaastu Shastra.
Objects that create North East defect: Cut / WC / Stairs / Too many Heavy objects or Clutter in the NE
Defect (Dosh) in North East direction can create following problems:

  • Dispute in Family and Business partners
  • Divorce possibility
  • Incurable diseases in family members, this is a common effect
  • Fund Blockage and very slow growth
  • Non obedient to elders
  • Children Education problems.
  • Marriage and Infertility problems and youngest son may suffer.

South-West (Nairytya) Defect:
Defects in South-West: House may have Cut / Extension / Underground water tank / Bore-well / Septic Tank / Slope in South-West.
Any defect in South-West direction of the house can create following problems.

  • Delay in marriage of any family members living in it.
  • Uncontrolled expenditures
  • Bad habits and bad society friends to a younger member.
  • Unsatisfied Relations between husband and Wife
  • Kidney related problems / Instability or struggle full Life / Women’s in the House suffers more.

South-East (Agneya) Defect:
South East of the house may have Cut / Extension / Water or Septic Tank / Toilet / Clutter / Store room in the SEDefected South-East Direction of the house gives problems in:

  • Fire related accidents and Theft fear.
  • Stomach disorders
  • Disturbed relation between husband and Wife and No sex life between them.
  • No peace of mind for women’s and generally they have Health problems
  • Marriage related issues such as not finding a suitable spouse
  • Adverse effects on financial inflow

North-West (Vayvya) defect:
Elements that create defects in North-west are:

  • North West cut / extension, Water tank / Bore-well in NW
    If you are having defect in North-west Direction of the house, you have to face following problems:
  • Bad relation with neighbours and with outsiders
  • Legal problems and disputes including Legal problem with government concerns
  • Disturbed relation with friends and relatives
  • Borrowings beyond control and Loans
  • Depression and Cardio related Problems.
  • Unwanted legal issues
  • No system support / No help from known or unknown friends
  • Inmates have to follow Life  Ethics very strictly. 

These are the few common issues we find. If you have such queries consult the vaastu expert to get the details about it, and resolve the issue as soon as possible. You can also send your house plan to us, by sending via below form

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