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Vaastu and Seven Basic Needs

Every individual on this earth – whether single or married, wants to live with happy and in a good relationship with family and society with the help of basic human needs. Vaastu Shastra, the sacred science from Ancient Hindu scriptures and Vedas of India, can be used to create and enhance harmonious stress-free living life and to acquire the Seven Basic Needs of every individual.

Let us discuss basic needs  with their importance according Vaastu Shastra.

First Need: Health

Good Health is the First Need, without good health you cannot grow in life or cannot work hard.  By following the Vaastu Shastra principles we can have a good health and achieve mental peace.

  • Having a Toilet in Northeast direction, may lead to many incurable diseases which can ends in surgical events.
  • Couple using Northeast bedrooms may create pregnancy problems, and that also lead to abnormal childbirth.
  • Placing head towards North direction while sleeping will cause for Sleep disorders and further creates many health problems.
  • Toilets, Bore wells, underground water tanks, swimming pools constructed in Southwest direction creates many health issues and causes for Anxiety and depression
  • Bedrooms in Southeast may develop heat related diseases like, high blood pressure, irritated mood as a routine.
  • The Sun rises in East direction thus East very sensitive, if East is blocked and putting here any heavy items will creates problems related to Eye, Paralysis and Migraines.
  • Store room in Northwest direction will brings good health and longevity.

Second need: Good Income, Wealth

Facing the north directions increases the opportunities for money. Check the downward slope for water; this must be from Southwest to Northeast otherwise that creates obstacles in the incoming income or wealth.

Give a boost to North Pole energy to flow towards South and accumulate this energy by closing the South. Make the main entrance from the successful direction; and beautify it as you can and the entrance should be free from obstruction inside and outside as well.

  • Never pronounce like “I am poor” in the house. Usually people use to say this phrase “We are poor” and exactly the Vastu Purush bless them with “ Tathastu” and people will attract Poverty.
  • Designing a Pooja room in North, Northeast and East will brings Wealth, Wisdom and prosperity in your life
  • Placing Mirrors on East or North wall attracts More wealth and prosperity in the life.
  • West wall faces east and South wall faces North thus placing Mirrors on these walls could reflect back the prosperity coming In your house.
  • Place a beautiful picture of Waterfall, Water lake or any other water element, on the Northeast direction that attracts Wealth

Need Third: Good spouse (Life Partner)
A true partner makes the life journey excellent and easy. To gain these aspects apply the law of equality. Wherever is dim light equal it with brightness, wherever there is dullness cover it with sharpness. Designing bedroom in the right direction according Vaastu Principle will increases relation between husband and wife and makes happy family life.

  • Mirrors reflecting the bed in the bedroom are the main cause of marriages getting packed out. Such a mirror encourages disloyalty. And larger the mirror, larger will be the harmful to married life. So, wipe-out such mirrors from bedroom.
  • Placing purple or Red rose flowers in the Southwest direction will helps to improve the relationship and enjoying the ecstasies in Love life.
  • Any declined ground level towards West direction would expose the spouse with excessive negative energies and that work against married life.
  • Always construct the water bodies in the Northeast direction of the house. If these elements are placed wrongly, then Men folk of the house are likely to develop a roaming eye and can escort to infidelity

Fourth Need: Name and Fame
It is important need, the Name and Fame gives you respect and you could gain from the society where and what you are working for. Money cannot give you name and fame but on the contrary Name and Fame can attract the money.
Probably you are not getting Fame or Accreditation even putting after your out-most efforts, and then there may be miss-allocation of things or objects non adherence to Vaastu Shastra principles.
Enlarged or Improved east direction can give you Name and Fame. Always keep this direction very clean and clutter free. Do not put any heavy items which may increase the weight in East.

Fifth Need: Respectful son
Purest form of relationship in this modern time needs answers, clarifications, with give and take respect. Having  the north direction higher than south will results in uncomfortable relationship between father and Son.
If a Southwest position is occupied by the son, that creates dominating attitude in the Son and bring a conflict between the father and son.
The north-east of the plot should not be battered /disintegrated otherwise it creates problems in Fathers relation with Son. Any imbalance in Northeast will creates bad relation between Father and Son.

Need Sixth: Security from Enemies
This could be second highest need we think, everyone wants security for their lives, houses as well.
Look at Southeast directions of your Vaastu. What all, you designed in this direction will comply Vastu Principles or else. See the main entrance; and see your water sources also. These are related to ones Security in regarding wealth and home security.
Bedroom in Southwest will removes the fear of enemies from the mind. Whereas bedroom in South will destroys Evil energies and fill it with Goodwill and pleasure.
Overhead water tank and Store in Southwest will trigger off the fear of enemies.

Seventh need: Spirituality
Make your environment so healthy, subsequently you would love humanity. If you really require this, use violet shades in your life, put together index finger and thumb for some time to focus on your karmas.
Spiritual practice positively molds our personality and significantly improves the spiritual vibrations of our house.
Performing Spiritual activities helps us to recognize pleasing and horrible vibrations in the house and to realize the spiritual reason for those experiences.
Drinking Coconut water, Fruit Juices and probably Cow milk will increase the ‘Sattva Guna” in a person and reduces the negative energies effects and thus increases the spirituality. 

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