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Vaastu and Religion

Vaastu Sastra is the science of house construction. The house constructed according to Vaastu Shastra principles provides prosperity, disease-free life and happiness all the while.

Architecture and Vaastu Shastra are different but related to each other.  Vastu Shastra is the science of how to build the house with religious touch and rituals. Whereas architect’s job is to construct the building or structure according to owner’s requirement, he has no need to consider the prosperity, good health or happiness to the inmates.

On the other hand, Vaastu Shastra provides the ways for prosperity and happiness. House built without following the Vaastu principles or Vaastu with (dosh) defects, is unsafe to live and may leads to various life complications like loss of wealth and facing several Sickness issues in later period. 

When disasters take place one upon another, people living in non-Vaastu houses, even disbelievers in Vaastu are tends to believe in Vaastu and opts for Vaastu dosh remedies.

The Vastu Shastra also impacts on living and non-living objects. The house adhered with Vastu Shastra principles provide positive energy in every breathing to keep good health and progress vigorously.                        

On the contrary if we fail to follow Vastu principles there shall be increases in negative energy and the inmates are destined to suffer.

Vastu Sastra is also related to horoscope. Astrologers stipulate the type of house according to the Planet situations. We can change our fate to a certain extent by adhering Vastu Sastra principles.

The proper implementation of Vastu Shastra reveals its high results. Vastu Shastra is based on five elements of Nature, Laws of Nature and the Spiritual forces of the universe.

Constructing the house is a religious job involving secret of attainment (Siddhi) of four Purusharth– Dharma (religion), Arth (wealth), Kama (desire) and Moksha (salvation).

Dharma (Religion): To experience spiritual and soul happiness to the inmates in that house it is necessary to have the religious belief.
Religious belief also eradicates distresses related to physical, emotional, and spiritual forces. People respects to the residents of the houses with religious touch. There will be no dispute, quarrel or hate against each other in the inmates of such house.

Arth (Wealth): There shall be rise in wealth and prosperity, for the inmates of such house which built according to Vaastu Shastra principles. A house is considered worthless and bad if the inmates become economically insolvent. On the contrary, if the house is worthy, there will be raise in income. In addition glories happiness will experiences by inmates.

Kama (Desire): If the house fulfills Vaastu principles, child birth will take place, Along with pleasure and prosperity. No disputs among family members or relatives, no mental tension or no any legal matters. All family member behave with due respect to each other.  

Moksha (Salvation): An auspicious Vastu (house) leads to Moksha to the residents. A good family presents right and good behavior which in turn leads to royal success.

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