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Vaastu And Family Growth

Vaastu plays a vital role in child birth or progeny. Vaastu resolves problemsassociated with progeny, and also helps to promote the health and family growth along with welfare of a baby child. By analyzing a house, we can predict of having a normal progeny, delayed progeny or no progeny at all.

Vaastu parameters are determined considering various energy fields spread out from different directions. These different fields also affect various spheres of our life.

To have children and their good health is one of the most imperative motives of any married couple all the way. But as if we have a house against Vaastu principles, we find ourselves troubles in getting help of natural forces.

We found numerous methods in our ancient text that guides the couples about having healthy babies. These texts termed as called “Garbadharan ka Sidhant” (law of conceiving). These observations are based on Ayurveda, Yogashastra, and Vaastushastra.

Considering energy created by our body organs and by using Ayurveda, they observe diseases inside human bodies for change in energy levels. Yogashastra makes our body healthy and increases its energy up to the preferred levels. By combining the effects of all these forces, one can have a healthy baby. Having any physical inadequacy, it should be cured by using medicine, normal or alternative therapy.

The natural sloping of a house should affect the health and financial status of inmates of that house along with adverse effects on family progeny.

Northeast direction of the house if elevated or on the highest point, then it’s more or less impossible to have a progeny in that house. And if the northeast is at the lowly point, it leads to a healthy child

And, even if having children in such houses, they have to face various problems in their childhood, according to Vaastu principles.

Whereas Southwest is at the lower or at declined position, the elder son will face problems during teenage years [May be Career]. Lower Southeast may have a lot of problems for the women folk, while lower Northwest portends miscarriages. And if the Northeast direction is at lower point, it leads to a healthy child. Water source in Northeast can initiate to a healthy kid.

But if there are stairs in the Northeast which elevates this direction or this direction is elevated by any other means, that could be harmful and it tends to denial of offspring.

Please plant a little plants on your plot/house, the natural growth of that plantation indicates the power of Soil to help in progeny.

If there is a good growth in the plantation within 7- 8 days, then that land is supposed to be good for construct the house, but at the same time if there is no growth at all, that indicates infertility and that plot is not so good.

If you are planning for a Baby Child you should not sleep in the Northwest room, because this direction belongs to Air element, and it is hard to conceive here. Energy fields of this direction are unstable nothing can remain in this direction for a long. One should straight away change the room.

A bedroom in the Northwest and Northeast leads to miscarriages. So, Pregnant women should always avoid sleeping in this direction. By keeping head towards south while sleeping you can extract the utmost favorable energy from nature.

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