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Top Vastu Tips For Better Health

Everyone needs comfort in life, and without a better health we cannot enjoy a lavish life. To attract good health and peaceful mind, it is very important to follow Vastu-shastra rules. Everything looks surplus without having good health. The feeling is to be healthy and surroundings to be Vastu compliant for staying healthy.

Sleeping Position 
The Sleeping position makes a great impact on the well being of the person. Always keep the head towards South while sleeping. People with Vata and Kapha nature, it is suggested to sleep on the left side of the bed and the people with Pita nature should sleep on the right side.

Placement staircase also affects the health of the inhabitant. Staircases affect the health of the resident severely, so it is very important to take care of proper positioning of the staircase. The staircase should not be at the center of the house (Brahmsthan) at any cost as this could leads to major health problems.

There should not be any furniture part in the center of the house (Brahmsthan) as this restricts free flow of the positive energy in the house. In this area (Brahmasthan) there should not be any stagnation of energy as this could lead to sickness to the inmates.

Beams are commonly used residences during construction. So ensure that beams should not run in the center of the house as they could lead to a distressed mind.

  • Balancing of fire element- Fire is very important element in any structure and has to be balanced good. If there is generator in Northeast it could leads to major health problems. A slope in the South or underground water tank in the Southeast is a severe defect, it could attract Knee problems.
  • The Southeast is the fire zone and fire is activated here every day, it would work wonders for the inmates in all aspects, as well as health also. Being one of the best ways of enlightenment, adding beauty and brightness in the surrounding, candles emit positive energy if they are kept in the proper area. A burning candle East direction regularly brings better health for the inmates.
  • Keep Lord Hanuman’s image- The deity responsible for bringing about good health is Lord Hanuman, hence placing an image of Him on the outside of the house facing towards South direction can bring good health for the inmates.

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