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Spirituality and Vaastu

Spirituality means a process of personal revolution in accordance with religious ethics. Spiritual practice can bring positivity and develops our personality appreciably and improves the religious atmosphere in the Vaastu or house. Apart from this, spiritual performances help us to recognize pleasant and unpleasant feelings in that house. 

By performing some of following activities one can reduce the negative energies from the house, offices, shops etc.

  1. Avoid totally intake of Alcohol and Smoking in the house to get spiritual benefits.
  2. Do not make any experiments and rituals those projects to attract ghosts.
  3. Avoid watching T V for prolonged periods of time.
  4. Listen your loving music in Calm and peaceful way, avoid Loud music.
  5. Maintain neatness and purity.
  6. Always keep doors and windows open.
  7. Plant a green plantation around the house.
  8. Behave according to and with the Nature.
  9. Always remember the Ancestors and give due respect to them.
  10. Always maintain consistency in spiritual activities.

Spiritual vibration gives us the feeling of Bliss (pleasure), and positive energies in to our house also. We often observe pleasurable frequencies around the habitat places of Saints, that due to their strength of spiritual activities only.

You might hear that “God likes cleanness”  “Cleanness is spirituality”.

Clean and neatness is the qualities which attracts Devine energies at our house, whereas dirtiness invites Raja-Tama vibrations.

The five cosmic energies (Panchatattva) contain Divine awareness (Chaitanya) and they are active in the form of Earth, Water, Fire, Space and Air, around us. By keeping doors and windows open we can allow these five cosmic energies to do spiritual healing through Panchatattva.

Like land [Plot] that emits spiritual vibrations, in the same manner plants around the houses also emit spiritual vibrations. Some plants are likely to emit more Sattvik vibrations than others; hence planting of such Sattvik plants makes the house more spiritually.

Holy basil plant (Tulsi), Chrysanthemum [चंद्रमल्लिका], Hibiscus, and the Banana these are some Sattvik plants. Plant such sattvik plants around the house or keep them indoor in the living room.

If you are arranging altar at your house, then it is better to let it face the in the East-west direction. Because the Divine frequencies that released from Sun passes through the Sky, and are best attracted to an altar if placed in the East-west direction.

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