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Shermukhi and Gaumukhi Plots

Selection of a plot site is just like as to select a compatible life partner, care should equally be taken while selecting your plot site too. Plots which are narrow in front and wide in rear are called Gaumukhi. And Plots that are broad in front and narrow at back are called as Shermukhi plot.

According to Vaastu Shastra avoid the plots which are triangular, circular, oval, and other irregular shapes. Avoid site close to religious places and nearby to factories and industries which might give disturbance to you.

Two specific plot shapes have a lot of wisdom and they are the Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plots.

Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plots characterize two extremes of the spectrum; the Gaumukhi stands the best that land shape can offer.  Whereas the Shermukhi plot stands for confusion and that land shape could bring destruction.

In simple Gaumukhi leds to prosperity and Shermukhi exact to the opposite.

Gaumukhi plot: Plots which are narrow in front and wide in rear are called Gaumukhi plots. Gaumukhi plots are good for residential purposes, when roads are provided on southern and western sides. These plots are not good for commercial purposes.  

Shermukhi plot: Plots that are broad in front and narrow at back i.e. where the front part is more in width are called Shermukhi plots. These plots are supposed to unfavorable for residence but favorable for business purposes, provided the road is on eastern and northern side.

The two symbolisms are easy to remember and understand. The Cow (Gau) on the one hand represents the best of everything and the Tiger (Sher) a Shermukhi plot always run into serious difficulties such as insolvencies and, some were finished altogether.

Not all plots are square or rectangular in shape. Here are some plot shapes with projections or extensions, and missing/ cut corners, with their effects are given here-under. 

Projection/Retraction of Plot / House


North East projected towards East and North

Wealth abundance and prosperity, peace of mind.

North-West projected West direction

Good for women organizations and politicians.

North West projected North

Women distress, mental problems, unwanted expenditure and loss in business.

South East extended at East

Losses and harassment by Government.

South East extended at South

Health problems, Litigations Income turn

South West extended at South

Depression to females and Sickness.

South West extended at West

Bad names and fame, psychological problems to Women, Loss of Wealth.

North East / Cut

No progress. Loss of wealth. Mental unrest and sickness,  Leads to Unhappiness

North West / Cut

Sickness, Loss of wealth

South East / Cut

Poverty and Diseases

South West / Cut

Sickness to Females, psychological problems and misery.

North East / Cut

Disastrous , Stops overall growth, No Social relations

South East  / Cut

Wealth destroys and Female domination.

North West / Cut

No family Progress.  Leads to bankrupts and mental problems.

South West / Cut

Women Sickness, Develops bad habits. Troublesome life.

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