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Remove Stress using Vaastu Tips

All the stress, pressure and anxiety are basically the outcome of the Negative energy that flow around us. A house if made according to the Vastu Shastra guidelines will minimize the negativity, and ensures the family that resides in it is always calm and at peace. Vastu-Shastra helps us in balancing human beings with nature, and mother earth in order to get vital health, wealth with peaceful life.

Still, in today’s competitive world, in order to fulfill our dreams and aspirations, we are all leading to extremely stressful life. Keeping stuff, making store room or a toilet in Northeast direction of the house will causes Migraine or depression to the occupants.
Anxiety is the outcome of sleeping in the East of Southeast direction. If this direction has a cut, it will make the person agitated thereby multiplying the levels of anxiety.
Sleeping in East of Southeast will also lead to disturbed relationships. Thus, never have a bedroom in East of Southeast area.
West of Northwest is another direction that affects on mental health and is primary cause of acute depression
Depression can also be caused if you have a temple or a prayer room in South of Southwest area.

By adapting to Vastu principles and following these simple Vastu tips in daily life, we can reduce and overcome stress to some extent.

  • For stress-free life keep the central space open, clean and neat
  • Never place mirrors in the bedroom, if mirrors in bedroom and those cannot be avoided then cover them at least in the night
  • Check the Geopathic stress line under the bed properly; those sleeping on such distorted nodes will have to face major health issues starting from migraine to cancer.
  • For positivity, place a fish Aquarium or a bowl of water should in the Northeast direction
  • Avoid placing the Dustbin, Toilet and Store in East of Northeast, as this can obstruct the thoughts capacity to overcome the past and start once again.
  • Ideally place a dustbin in the South of Southwest to improve your ability to ‘let go’.
  • To attract positive thinking, place an Aunkar or Swastika in Northeast.

This will improve your connectivity with Universal awareness and your own upper thoughts which, in turn, can make wider your Life perspectives. Even though the most impact-full solution is to shift the elements to their particular directions, it may not be possible due to lack of space or any other reasons. Go for alternative solutions like using appropriate colors, lights,Gems therapy, and Ratndhyaya therapy.

If you have any of anti-elements in any direction of the house, please Contact us to rectify it without demolition or structural changes.

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