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Ratnadhyaya for Vaastu Dosh [Defects]

The Vaastu Shastra is the oldest and most complete science that contains complete house construction rules or guidelines. It contains all assessments of environmental influences on human beings like Geopathic stress, the five elements of Universe [ Panchamahabhutas = Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space] and Planets of solar system.
The Earth on which we live is an ample magnet. We have to undergo positive or/and negative forces of Light, Sound, Waves and Vibrations of electronic or cosmic extraction around us. These cosmic natural process controls the human body and mind intelligence. These four characters [Light, Sound, Waves and Vibrations] Also specify the authenticity of a precious stone. According to the neurological research, neurons in the hypothalamus [Neural Structure] of human brain get activated according to orientation with directions of the House. Thus in our house-rooms where we perform certain activities, should tune with the magnetic or electrolyzed fields of the surroundings [Magnetic Field]. According to Vaastu-Shastra every planet represents their particular direction in the House. Depending on their characteristics here comes the necessity of using the Precious or semi-precious stones in the House.

The relationship of these precious and semi-precious stones with the cosmic planets and the constellations is delineated in the beautiful science of Jyotish-Shastra.
The Astrology [Science of Jyotish] reveals about effects of natural forces like stars, planets, cosmic rays, magnetic field etc. which can be controlled by using the medium of Gemstones. Thus, after a great research and study, the marvelous ceremony of “Ratnadhyaya” came into existence. The union of Astrology [Jyotish] and Vaastu Shastra is known as “Ratnadhyaya”.
When it comes about the defected House [A House with Vaastu Dosh] premises where no structural changes can be made, this “Ratnadhyaya” therapy could bring magical results.
The placement of the various planets according to the directions are follow:

This therapy reveals about the correct placement of metals, the right precious stones and the perfect chanting of a mantra related to concern Planet. And that yields the particular direction with the desired Light, Sound, Waves and Vibrations and over all, that house premises become full of cosmic harmony. And results in a balanced energy environment.

Merely while considering the Defected Vaastu, we can rectify the flaws using Ratnadhyaya Therapy. This Ratnadhyaya therapy can be used to rectify the Vaastu defects at starting time of a house or at any stage.
Healing professionals like Reiki and Pranik Healers also use the theory of vibration, which states that all the objects in the environment are vibrating with a typical frequency, otherwise when disturbed causes to break down or malfunction.
This is the Original Sloka About Ratnadhyaya in the ancient script “Maanasaaraam”

If you are thinking about the Checking of your Own House Vaastu, does it may have 
any of Vaastu Dosh [Defects] please feel free to Contact Us. We undertake Vaastu Analysis
and perform the Ratnadhyaya therapy if the situation warrants.


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