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Northeast direction and its Significance in Vastu-shastra

Northeast (also called Ishanya or Eshaan) is the direction of God, so it’s considered as the most favorable direction in Vastu shastra. Northeast is governed by Lord Soma (Mahadev) and ruling element is water. We will see Do’s and Don’ts for Northeast direction and its significance as per Vastu shashtra.
This is the direction of most powerful, positive and progressive energies, and once these positive energies enter in the house, they enhance with health, wealth, prosperity and overall abundance to the inmates. Being its place of God Northeast contributes over-all prosperity to inmates if this place utilized properly. Apparently worshiping in other directions will not gives the benefits as compare to the Northeast. Leaving more open space in Northeast is good idea, because this direction absorbs divine vibrations from cosmos and transforms into positive energy.

Northeast being ruled by Water element, it is recommended to use for floating water such as small water fountain etc in Northeast. The positivity of Northeast direction is accepted by science that it is the most suitable place of divine power.
Do’s in Northeast Significance of Vastu:

  • Worship of the God
  • Leave more space
  • Keep floating water eg: Water fountain etc

Don’ts in Northeast Significance of Vastu:

  • Toilet in Northeast is a wrong step, which can destroy the family health or if it is a business place it can spoil whole business.
  • Bedrooms, Stores, Toilet and heavy structures should be avoided here
  • Having fire element (Kitchen) in Northeast is a severe defect which can leads to accidents.
  • Septic tank in Northeast is a blunder which can spoil the health of inmates

As a result, to accomplish peace, prosperity, and success it is essential to avoid any construction here in the Northeast.

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