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Vaastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important place in the house. So one must design the kitchen according to the Vaastu Shastra Principles. According to Kitchen Vaastu tips the ideal place to construct the Dream kitchen is the South east ( Agneya ).

As the South east is governed by the Fire element. So to get the maximum benefits of fire element you must have a Kitchen in South east, which also a primary factor in General health and well being of the habitants. 

According to Vaastu Shastra, the second option for the Dream kitchen is Northwest (Vayavya) direction of the house.

  • The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east and Northwest direction and should open in clockwise.
  • The woman while cooking should always face east, since this brings good health to the occupants.
  • Where as if the woman faces west while cooking, she has to face health problems
  • If woman face towards South while cooking, may attracts financial problems in the family.

As per the Vaastu remedies for kitchen, the kitchen should never be constructed in the Following directions of the house, to avoid Vaastu dosh or defects.

  • South-West
  • Center of the house
  • North-East
General Vaastu tips for kitchen
  • Priority-wise, keep entrance in east or north direction in the Kitchen entrance.
  • Avoid placing the gas stove exactly in front of the kitchen entrance.
  • Cooking gas or stove should be placed in South-east area of Kitchen
  • Put water sink in the North-east at utmost distance from cooking gas
  • Water storage and water taps should be placed in North-east of the kitchen.
  • Put the dining table in the North-west of the Kitchen.
  • The ideal place for Gas-cylinder is South east corner of the Kitchen
  • Kitchen door and toilet door should never face each other.
  • Never built the kitchen below or above a bathroom and or toilet
  • The Pooja room is never to be constructed above the kitchen since it brings bad luck
  • There should not be a common wall sharing a Kitchen and Toilet this will brings Bad effects on inmate’s Health.

The color of the Kitchen: The white is the best color for kitchen. Shades of Yellow, orange, red colors are also good colors for kitchen

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