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How Vastu Influences on Health of Inmates

Vastu ethics are based on the vital five elements of universe Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Air. Any imbalance in these five elements can create discomforts in the human body and can result in health disorders. By using Vastu principles in the residing house, we can minimize the health problems. 

The subtle energies that exist in the house, along with the elemental placement in different rooms and items influence on the health of the inmates.
Some basic rules of Vaastu which can affect the health of inmates are discussed below.

  • Having Toilets in the Northeast direction of the house might result in chronic health problems for the inmates
  • If a couple’s bedroom in the Northeast zone of the house, it will create pregnancy problems and other health issues.
  • If the Northwest corner is extended in the house, it may consequence in problems related to Sex problems in Couple.
  • For a good night and stress-free sleep, the head should not be placed in the North while sleeping. Head towards North, will leads to disturbed energies and sleep is interruption. Interrupted sleep cans also the root cause for many health problems.
  • If you have the couple’s bedroom in the Northwest zone of the house, it creates problems like asthma, cold, cough, breathing disorders, short-tempered moods, high blood pressure to the couples.
  • Couples bedroom in the Southeast zone of the house, can creates clashes and stay irritated all the times.
  • Toilets, Septic tank, Underground water tank, bore well, swimming pool, and other water elements in the Southwest corner of the house can leads to tension, depression, lack self confidence to the Owner of the house, and other health problems to the inmates.
  • Construct the Eastern part in such a way that the Morning Sun rays should enter in the house easily.

Many studies have proved that Vaastu has a reflective influence on the health of the inmates. The ancient and effective science of Vastu talks about the reasonable effects of the natural energies related to solar, magnetic, radiation and sound.

House is the important place of residence and its structure boasts prominent effect on the human body. A house built according to the Vastu-shastra principles will ensure the inmates good health and survive happily.

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