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How Five Elements and Vaastu Imbalance Affect Us

An imbalance in five elements of Nature on the universal cycle leads to Floods, Tsunamis, Tropical storm, Lava and Earthquakes and so on. Likewise, imbalance of these elements in our diet also affect on our body. We eat the food to get energy and As if our diet is healthy and balanced, that gives required energy and we feel energetic or experience good feelings.

Whereas imbalances in diet like an excess of some component, say fire which comes from spices or chilies, will causes Acidity. The (physical) discomfort in our stomach will give signal us to have anti-acid tablets and change in diet as well.

Likewise, an imbalance of these elements outside and in surroundings creates a discomfort, which we do not undergo physically but experience it mentally since the Energy Centers (‘Chakras’) of the body get disturbed.

Whenever we tried to balance or attain stability obviously, it should be done through only meditation. This will speed up the process of energy flow and desired results should be achieved faster, that also work on the horizontal axis and vertical axis as well.
Following the Vaastu systems, we can overcome mental distress and can attain the peace of mind.
Using Vaastu Shastra principles, we are not trying to change our destiny, but only trying to improve the Quality /or Smoothness in our lives.
Destiny can’t change; however, by using Vaastu remedies according to Vaastu observance, one can reduce the difficulties of life.
The destiny of every individual is preset according to their past “Karma” and that becomes mean of transport using which that person will travel to reach his destiny. And this journey is undertaken by using the fuel “Thoughts” and moved by “Action [Karma]” and the “Road to Destiny” is Principles of Vaastu.
This road can become smooth if it adheres with Vaastu compliance or otherwise it will become Rough. However, it is preferable to follow Vaastu Principles to pop up the gates of Happy and Healthy Lifestyle.

Implementation of Vaastu:  If the house is designed according to Vaastu Shasta the positive force overrule the negative forces and releases the bio-energy, which helps inmates to live in happy and healthy life.
Positive cosmic fields become victorious in a Vaastu compiled house wherein the atmosphere is friendly in support of a smooth and happy life. On the Contrary, if the same structure is not built according to Vaastu, the negative forces overrule the positive; and thus make your actions, efforts and beliefs negative. Here comes the Vaastu benefit, which guides you to have a positive atmosphere at home, office or business place.

Vaastu For Houses:  Vaastu helps in converting the unseen space energies into materialistic benefits for the inmates of the Vaastu compiled houses. It creates a positive energy field to ensure Physical, Material and Spiritual Well being.

Vaastu For Offices: Appliance of Vaastu is exclusively importance for the offices where proper flow of finance is required. Vastu helps in making the environment favorable to Growth with the help of proper balancing of the five Nature elements, Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth. Simply changing the sitting arrangements of CEO, Staff, and Proper placement of office furniture, Safe, Using proper colors, and proper placement of water bodies (Bathroom, Water Coolers etc.) will move towards growth in the business.

Vaastu For Factories: An industrial unit requires large investments and undertakes multi tasking activities, like purchasing of Raw material, Manufacturing, Assembling, Packaging, Accounting, Disposal and Transportation of Goods etc. and most importantly taking care of Human Resources (labor related issues) Proper Vaastu implementation helps in co-coordinating these activities and generating growth in ROI  [Return on investment].

Vaastu applied Factories [Vaastu suggestions like keeping disposable goods in Northwest, Electrical appliances in Southeast and likewise] improve the strength of the workers and could avoid Labor problems, which in return increases the productivity.

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