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Good Behavior and Vaastu

People may feel shock by listening that a specific direction could be responsible for their erring behavior! But this is true our behavior changes with the directions we face during the day to day life. A plot / House and its particular sections affect our nature and behavior in distinctive manner. So find out which portion of house effect us in what way around:

  • Southeast is ruled by Fire, this place is only ideal for kitchen. Do not make Living room in Southeast as it leads to make inmates destructive and self-oriented in nature. Whereas if a person of shy nature spends some time in Southeast area will defiantly help him and gains self-confidence.
  • Northwest room is the ideal place for unmarried girls. Whereas if the small children use this room, they will not get concentration on their studies. Natives using this room will not be stable in the house and will always keeps on the moving.
  • Northeast is good for confused children and aggressive peoples. This place makes them peaceful, removes all depressing character and increases confidence level in them.
  • Peoples working in creative field should always use Northeast area to get more help
  • Keep children’s away from Southwest area, as it will make them rigid and arrogant. Whereas the owner using Southwest corner, will have command over the family.
  • Make sure that there is no well or Bore-well in the Southwest corner. This is a big defect and can bring a lot of bad luck to the owner and to the rest of the family as well.
    Southwest is the area of family relationship, family harmony and family bonding.
    An anti element like Toilet here will severely affects the family relationship. There may be always disputes in such family.
    Moreover Southwest also governs the Ancestors (Pitra), those who have ancestors blessings will always have a family bonding.
    According to Vaastu-Shastra having Toilet/Bathroom in Southwest will create a Pitra Dosh in the Child’s Natal chart.

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