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Family Health and Vastu – Check North and South

There is an older saying “Health is Wealth” and it’s extremely correct. Every day, every moment of life can be after money but money is not a wealth the real wealth is peace and health. Many studies have revealed that, Vaastu has a philosophical influence on the health of the natives living in that house. The electromagnetic energies from the earth’s magnetic field which flows from north to south should be used in the positive way in our living house. The ancient and effective science – Vastu says about the realistic effects of the natural energies related to solar, magnetic, radiation and sound.

House where we live is an important place and its structures can have prominent effect on the human body, ultimately on the health of the family member living in that House.  A house built according to Vastu-shastra principles will ensures to have good health and happy life of the inmates.
Let us have a discussion on some of the Vaastu defects in North and South direction in the house, which might bring sick health.

Vaastu Defects of North

  • There should not be toilet in the North and Northeast side of the house. It leads to chronic diseases and ends in surgical procedures. This is the sensitive area in the house and impacts on life seriously
  • Couple using Northeast bedrooms may have to face pregnancy problems, could also lead to abnormal child birth.
  • Never place head towards North while sleeping, because North Pole energy creates sleep disorders. The Northeast emits powerful energies, experiencing this energy while sleeping can leads to health problems.
  • Northwest or Vayu corner is considered good for health and long-life. Having defects in this zone can lead to uncertainty in the family.
  • Having bedroom exactly in the Northwest corner of the house / plot, the couple might face asthma, breathing diseases, cough, cold etc.

Vaastu Defects of South

  • While looking for the Southwest corner, bore wells, underground water tanks, swimming pools, toilets in this corner leads to many health disorders and in turn crate tension and depression.
  • Southeast bedrooms may give high blood pressure and irritation in the mood as a usual. According to Vaastu, the Southeast is the ideal place for fire related gadgets.
  • The Sun takes rise in the East side of the House / plot and is extremely sensitive, If East get blocked and heavy weight if placed here can leads to Eye problems, Stroke, Paralysis and severe headaches/migraines etc.
  • If rain water flows towards West direction, then male members in the family will have to face health problems.

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