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Vaastu deals with the influences of the directions and uses of five elements to balance the energies in the house to bring benefits associating to Health, Wealth and Spirituality. Vastu can have a damaging effect on health of the inmates when certain defects occur in any of directions. Here we try to lighten on how the cancer due to Vaastu defects or Dosh  happens..

Though various diseases can happen due to the inefficient functioning of a particular organ or though system of the cells is normal. For example, in diabetes the problem moves around the production and organic process of Insulin, the hormone that pancreas will produce. In cases of renal failure the disease moves around or limits up-to the kidneys. The same line of thinking applies to other disorders like Cardiac difficulties. Asthma, Digestive disorders, Piles and so on.  In all these diseases the organ system founds to be defective, but the cell structure remains unaffected or in other words we can say not Cancerous. Every cell in the body has its own DNA and is planned in such a way that it will respond to some administrative body an appropriate time. As the message reaches, the cell will respond on time and the cell division reacts according to that, no cancer occurs. Sometimes this act goes haywire [out of control]. The cell then begins to multiply for their pleasure; this multiplication goes in uncontrolled way and results in Cancer.

There seems a prevailing defective characteristic in the residential unit of Cancerous patients. There must be a Defective North-east and an aroused or a defective second sphere in the house.
As explained earlier, for a healthy body, it is necessary the positive forces should dominate the structure suppressing the negative forces to create the necessary bio-energy field.
Here it’s important to remember that, the North-east of the plot / house has a very important effect on the mind of residents.
House with a defected North-east, the plot organism itself gets affected and the line of Magnetic flow gets completely disturbed.
Considering that mind and the matter are different aspects to indicate the same thing, it is surprising that a mindless energy field [House with defected North-east mode] modifies the cell’s mind and makes it mad, so that it multiplies in out of control way and this disease which supposed to be the second largest killer, cancer develops.
Facts like Food habits, Tobacco, Coffee, Environmental factors, Stress etc. is to be blamed for the occurrence of this disease. But none is decisive.
No medical system including the modern Allopathic has a ‘curative remedy’ for this disease. We have only “detection and relief centers”.
All the lines of treatment like Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy adds the endless sorrow to the patient which has no end. Not a single cause for cancer will ever be found in the laboratories or under the microscopes.
The cause for Cancer lies in the structure where one lives in and the distorted field which created due to a defective North-east direction results in manifestation of Cancer.
The organ which develops the Cancer depends upon the defected Direction along with North-east in that house.
That’s why there must be severe [powerful] defect in at-least two sectors including North-east to develop this disease or for the cells to lose their psychological equilibrium.
So, in your living house if there is a Defect in North-east with any other direction, please do not wait for this disease to happen, rather it’s better to remove the defect under the Expert Vaastu Consultant.
Following are some of the Situations where the Cancer may happens

  • North-east rounded, North-west closed will develop the Cancer in Lungs, Breast, Chest and Esophagus.
  • Projection in North-east of the house with depression in West direction can leads to develop Cancer in Head And neck Region.
  • North-east, East, North-west are in Up [Higher] And South West, South, West Down- this situation can develops Brain Cancer.
  • Higher NW, N, NE, E, and Lower or Underground water sources in SE, SSW, and West = will creates the Brain Cancer
  • Flawed North-east and Defect in South-east can leads Breast Cancer.
  • Defect in North-east and defective South or South-west can leads Uterus Cancer.
  • Defective North-east with defective West of South-west: Kidney Cancer.
  • Defective North-east with defective West: Cancer of the abdominal Organs [stomach cancer]
  • Blood Cancer: Defective NE, Lower or underground water in SW, NE is elevated than other directions.
  • Defected South-east with Toilet in North will cause Cancer to females in that house.

If you found one or other defects in your living house, it is strongly recommended to Contact a Vaastu consultant for Vaastu analysis for checking the severity. Cancer can be prevented with proper Vaastu corrections.

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