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The ancient text Vastu-shastra says all about positive and negative energies, which are continuously, interact with each other. If more positive energies in the house, such houses will give up more successful, healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.

Vastu means a balanced, harmonious and soothing situation which balances the universal energies.
All directions provide subtle energies, which can be sensed like gravitational, solar, magnetic energy, airflow etc. While we construct any building, the flow and availability of these energies has to be taken care of.
These energies if not balanced in the structure, Vaastu defects being created and the life of inmates become complex. On the contrary these balanced energies will give positive environment.

Here are some instances about what can happen due to bad Vaastu.

  • Labor Problems
    Disobedient Employees / Subordinates: This is a big pain for the people whose subordinates and juniors disobey them. It depends on the environment they provided. But Vaastu also plays a huge role here. Check Northwestern corner of the business set up, which should not be defected. It should not be high compare to the Southeastern part of the construction. Check at which part of the structure these juniors and staff are deployed.
    If they are positioned in the Southwestern side, they will happen to more powerful and will try to dominate the head of organization. As the employee’s rapport grows up, the ego problems rise and gives a clash between the employer and employee.
  • Labor conflict:
    Some time there will be problems of skilled labor turn out. People join with your organization learn, get them skillful and move in-to your competitors.
    For such problems see your Northwest area. The imbalance in Vayu [Air] element may attract these types of problems.
    In some enterprises the employer may be in a tense situation due to over powering of skilled employees and senior staff. Disobeying the management, non adjustment in the organizational culture is common due to deploying of such staff in Southwest area of the structure.
    The employees who stay in Southwestern part of the construction, will become stuck and try to create their own environment.
  • Irregular or Unstable Business
    No business / orders: Though having a Good plant, superior technology but still the capacity of the plant / or staff is not engaged. Your organization have a capacity to increase the production and turnover, but not getting the orders.
    Verify the Northeast part; they should not have any cuts or loaded with heavy material.
    In some plots the Northeast corner is missing. It means the Head of the VaastuPurush is having cut, thus the magnetic energies entering the plot are get blocked.
    Sometimes the plot is in irregular shape and unfortunately the Northeast corners becomes missing. Analyze the shape of the plot and relate it to your problems.
    In some cases while expending the existing plot you buy piece of land adjoining to the existing plot and this starts the problem. Because the peace of land you bought can make the plot Irregular in shape.
  • Unable to Make The Deals:
    In spite of having well experienced, marketing staff, you are not getting the expected results.
    Putting best efforts but not able to close the deals. At the last moment some other competitor may carry the business.
    Verify the direction, marketing staff faces in their office, if it is South definitely they will not be put off their efforts. Make them to sit facing towards North direction and see the results.
  • Refusal of material:
    The production staff may be very capable, you produce a good quality product, but there is a problem of rejecting the material or cancellation of orders due to one or another reason.
    Check the direction where you place the finished goods? If it is in South or Southwestern part of the organization, then it is totally against Vaastu.
  • Debts and Disputes
    Debts and Loans: Debts and Loans are obstacles in growth of any organization. It takes away all the happiness from our life.
    Do any one know how difficult is to manage debtors coming in the early morning at your doorstep and late evening to ask for their money. And one does not like to pick up the phone calls at times.
    Blocked North direction could be a big reason for increased debts.
    Placing heavy stuff in North direction, clutter on the North wall, less openings in the North direction is the Vaastu defect and that attract such situations in your Business.
    Also elevated structure in the North creates a Vaastu defect.
    Under ground water tanks in Southwest creates the situation debts and loans.
  • Disputes:
    Disputes is a big stress in any industry, it is a hurdles in the growth of the company without any reasons.
    Check Northeast direction in the industry it may have some fireworks or heat generating equipment. This is one of the reasons for frequent labor disputes in your industry. Lots of business houses have legal disputes in which most of time is wasted in legal disputes with clients. One case gets closed at a time other is raised; in such situations check the water sources.
    If Water source like bore-wells, underground water tanks are in Southeast direction of the plot will create such problems.
    Southeast is the fire place, and ruled by Lord Agnidev. Fire and water are anti elements and will unhappy with each other. Having water in place of fire is like having an enemy in industry health.
  • Accidents
    Sudden setback, Vehicle accidents, Fire accidents and Factory / machine accidents these are unwanted problems. In this situation check the placement of toilets in the building structure, if Toilet is in Northeast part, it is serious Vastu defect.
    Toilets in Northeast create chances of accidents and major surgeries for the inmates / employees of the structure.
    Having Kitchen in Northeast part of the house can give serious head injuries or diseases.
    Similarly a furnace, heaters, ovens in commercial complexes leads to labor accidents. Keep the Vaastu lively to prevent the accidents, because life is so precious.
  • Labor accidents:
    This is the most unwanted happening in any industrial set-up is labor accidents. In most of the cases it is analyzed that having elevated and higher Northeast direction in comparison to rest of the building or Southwestern part causes the accidents.
    Take care that Northeast should not be loaded, it should not be blocked.

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