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“Brahmasthan” – The Power of Directions in the House

“Brahmasthan” symbolically it means sphere of Lord Brahma and very auspicious spot in the house. According to Vaastu-Shastra, any heavy objects if placed in the Brahmasthan it resists the spreading of positive energies in the House. In commercial projects Brahmasthan is usually get affected, particularly when the construction and designers ignore it. Irrespective of the structure being a factory, a house, an apartment or a hotel, an incorrect Brahmasthan can bring bad news or situations. Brahmasthan is based on Vedic structural Architecture which in turn is based on Vaastu Shastra.

More open space in the “Brahmsthan”, means more positive vibrations in and around the house which spreads the positive energies in the house to have a peace and harmony. Objects like pillars, staircases, kitchen (fire element) in Brahmasthan disturb the equability and coordination of vital elements in the house. In case of commercial units, appliances like Air handling units, Generators, Power Houses, Lifts and other heavy utilities may not be placed in Brahmasthan, otherwise these elements will lead huge financial losses, Failure in Business or delay in completion of projects.

Here are some of the objects and structures that never constructed in BrahmasthanBrahmasthan placement direction for Kitchen according to vaastu

  • One never sleep in this area, as it might makes the life as a mess. So there should not be a bedroom in this place
  • Brahmsthan should never used for of Toilets, Bathrooms or storerooms
  • Kitchen here will leads to Poor Health of the family
  • Heavy equipment s like powerhouses, Lifts, Generators or Motors, if kept here will lead to heavy financial losses
  • Staircases here affect the financial stability
  • Heavy machinery, heavy boxes, etc., in this place might also lead to the flow of negative energy, thus affecting the lives of the inmates negatively

These are some objects and structures that we can construct in the BrahmasthanBrahmasthan placement direction in dinning according to vaastu

  • Keep the Brahmasthan always clutter free and open
  • Courtyard may be planned here
  • Decorate this place with small plants or flower pots
  • Planning for hall-way here can be a good aspect
  • In Office structure this area can be used as a conference hall
  • It can be used as a dining hall
  • This place can also be used as a lawn in factory

Does – What to place at Brahmsthnam:

  • Keep open space at Brahmsthnam which would spread Positive Energy

Don’ts – What not to place at Brahmsthnam:

  • Pillar
  • Staircase
  • Kitchen
  • Power houses
  • Generators
  • Lifts
  • Any heavy machines

If you have any anti-element in Brahmsthnam to rectify it or for Remedies in Brahmasthan please Contact Us, because it should be done carefully.It should not be used for Garbage, Bore-well and or “Well” or pumps.

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