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Basics of The Vaastu-Shastra

Vaastu-Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture and construction, which is highly practiced for better living. The House if constructed according to Vaastu principles, the inmates in such houses will enjoy the happiness of life. Whereas the house is against the Vastu principals, it can lead all kind of issues, stress and no peaceful life.

These are some Vaastu rules to check when you are looking for an apartment to purchase or on Rent.

  • The preferable direction for the entrance of the House / Flat is North, East, or Northeast.
  • If you have a Balcony, ensure the slope of the balcony is towards the East or North, the drainage pipes should run in the North, West, or Northwest direction.
  • The Northeast corner of the House/flat might be either converted into a Puja room or left open.
  • The preferred direction for placing the overhead tank is the Southwest, and for the underwater tank, it is Northeast.
    Now let’s discuss on the deeper with individual rooms.


  • The master bedroom should be in South-west or in Southern area. Other bedrooms can be constructed on the Eastern and Northern side of the master bedroom.
  • Placement of the bed should be in such a way that your head towards South while sleeping.
  • Allow or Keep the bedroom door open at least 90 degrees, that will allow free flow of positive energy.
  • Kitchen is a fire element and fire governs the Southeast direction, so the Kitchen should be in Southeast zone. As a second option kitchen can be in Northwest also.
  • Kitchen is the place from where negative energies affect the inmates health.
  • Place the gas stove in the Southeast corner, so the person cooking will face East.
  • Put in the large windows on the Eastern side, and the small ventilators in South.
  • Never construct the bathrooms adjacent to, above, or below the kitchen.

Living room

  • According to the Vaastu principles construct the Living room in Northeast part of the house.
  • If a house is West facing, then the living room can be in the Northwest part of the house.

Bathroom [With Toilet] and Toilet

  • The ideal location for only bathroom is Eastern part of the house.
  • The Bathroom with Toilet should be in Northwest and South of Southwest
  • Tap, Showers, and Mirrors should be on the Northern wall.
  • Keep the slope in Bathroom towards Northeast so that, water drains in this direction.
    Puja room
  • Construct the Puja room in the Northeast corner of the house.
  • By performing Puja every day will keep the house Vastu dosh free
  • Basically, Pujas eradicate all negative energies from the house and also purifies house atmosphere.
  • Apply white or Lemon-yellow color on Puja room walls.

Dining room

  • Though, western part of the house is most recommended for having Dining room, East and South are also ideal alternatives.
  • Avoid irregular shape dining tables such as round, oval, hexagon, etc…!
  • An irregular shaped dining area (Room) also creates negative flow of energies.
  • Paintings of spiritual objects or natural scenery can create happy and enjoyable atmosphere in the dining room.


  • The best location for Stair in the house is Southwest area.
  • However due to any cause – if the Southwest corner of the house is unavailable to for a staircase, the next option is the South or West portion of house.
  • External staircase can be in East of Southeast, And / or in Northwest.
  • Vastu for Staircase recommends while going up on Stairs, face should be towards West or South.
  • Keep the stairs always clockwise.
    Septic tank
  • The best location for Septic tank as per “Vaastu” is Northwest area of the house.
  • It doesn’t matter what is the facing of your house i.e. North, East, South or West facing, the septic tank must be in Northwest part of the house.
  • Avoid septic tank in Northeast at any cost.
  • Never ever construct the Septic tank in Southwest part of the house.
  • The Septic tank should never touch the compound wall and / or plinth.

Overhead Water Tank

  • Best location for Overhead Water Tank is Southwest or West.
  • It Can be located in South also
  • Never locate Overhead Water Tank Northeast as that makes it heavy
  • Overhead water tank in Southeast can leads loss of wealth and accidents
  • Never locate at the center of house, which is a severe defect
    Underground water tank
  • The best location for Underground water tank is Northeast part of the house.
  • The tank can be in North and East
  • Tank can also built in 5th Pada of West direction

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